View Full Version : [Bug] [Minor Spoilers] TBS2 character deaths

07-02-2016, 01:49 PM
Hello everyone,
Hopefully I'm posting this issue in the right forum section.

I've just completed TBS2, but fell into a few bugs with character deaths.
First off, Mogr disappears around chapter 10 for no apparent reason. For what I'm aware of, none of my actions have led to his death or exile of some sort in both TBS and TBS2.
Also, Ludin is in my party, but I kept having conversations, with her bodyguard for example, implying that he died which again I'm not aware I had orchestrated since he's still in my party. It was concluded he was dead when I arrived in Arberrang and the king was pissed because his son is dead, but this is not the case.

I don't know if these two cases are related or if these are separate bugs.
Any help or information would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

07-03-2016, 03:28 PM
Hey there and welcome to our little community.

Both issues you mentioned are related to a bug that was fixed a few days ago. It made all "killable" Saga1 heroes be considered dead in Saga2 (for story purposes), but leaving them in your Roster to use in battles. Note that the fix doesn't apply to "corrupted" save-games, but there is a way to manually repair them. I can direct you to the link if you're interested. Starting a fresh playthrough is 100% fixed though ;)

Thanks for posting and sorry for the delay in approving your post!