View Full Version : How will each chapter of The Banner Saga be connected?

11-13-2012, 10:43 AM
In interviews the developers have talked about how the want decisions made in the game to be important. They've even mentioned how a choice you make in chapter 1 of The Banner Saga may come back to haunt you in chapter 2. I love the idea of the 3 chapters of the game being tied together, with choices and units you made carrying over from chapter to chapter.

Does this mean that chapter 1 would be a prerequisite to playing chapter 2. I'm also curious how the developers will deal with surviving units becoming very powerful by the end of chapter 1 (I assume we'll be increasing their renown throughout the game, making them more powerful over time). Does this mean that enemies by chapter 3 would have to be much stronger than enemies in chapter 1? I'm reminded of games like the Baldur's Gate series where the first game went from levels 1-10, the second game went from levels 10-20, and so on. (I don't remember the actual numbers).

I realize that since chapter 1 hasn't even been released yet this is all very premature. But it's still fun to speculate.