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05-15-2017, 03:48 PM
Banner Saga 1 Patch Notes on Xbox One and PS4 - May 15, 2017

Patch summary:
• Added Korean language
• Added News Ticker to the start screen
• Added more info to Match Resolution popup after a battle
• Added upgrade icon to Heroes screen
• Adjusted some character stats and story events
• Fixed some small bugs

Detailed changelist:
• Added Korean language
• Added the News Ticker to the start screen
• In Chapter 3, Varl who join the caravan after the Godstone now have supplies
• In Chapter 6, Haukstorp has 50 supplies at 10/renown and has 3 items available
• In Chapter 6, Sigrholm has 145 supplies and 3-5 items
• In Chapter 6, Nid starts at rank 2 when she joins the caravan
• In the final battle, Bellower has lowered regen ability: +0/+1 ARM/STR on Easy and +1/+3 ARM/STR on Medium
• In the heroes tent, an upgrade '+' sign shows up on hero icons who can be promoted or have unused skill points
• In battle, a tooltip is shown when the character movement cursor is over a hazard:
o Coals from Yrsa's Slag and Burn ability
o Shatterstone from the Dredge Fire Slinger ability
o Trigger area from Oddleif's Rain of Arrows ability
• After battle, the Match Resolution popup shows units that were injured in battle
• After battle, the Match Resolution popup shows achievements that were received
• During a war battle, after choosing to continue fighting a second wave of Dredge, there's a 100% chance of receiving an item as a reward
• Injured units only heal while camping, not while traveling
• Resting without supplies now decreases morale
• Eyvind's hair now animates smoothly on his character page in the heroes tent
• Backbiter Champion no longer has Dagr's assets

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05-29-2019, 05:43 PM
I apologize for the snark; it's still a wee bit early on my end and I'm used to omissions being either intentional, or at the least unanswered. Since you've proven not to be in either party, I apologize and appreciate the response.
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