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02-06-2018, 08:42 AM
A few months ago i finally finished both Banner Saga 1 and 2, and after reading about warbands and seeing that the banner saga was orgininal designed as a tabletop and then converted into its final video game form. So i thought it would be interesting to see how well the game played as a tabletop rpg and thus as a personal project i decided to make it. After a few months of work i have completed the first draft and thought what better place to get some feedback on the game then the forums of the fans.

So presented below is the first draft of the game itself. Feel free to have a look and let me know what you think. Any and all feedback is highly welcomed.


Thank you

02-06-2018, 04:33 PM
This is a massively ponderous task, indeed, gilly! Wish I had the time and energy to go through this.

I hope you can get some more traction through the other Banner Saga channels (Discord server, reddit etc), as these forums are kinda dead...

02-07-2018, 03:50 AM
The Forums might be quiet, but they are a great way to preserve this for posterity ;)
Awesome work!

02-07-2018, 09:07 AM
thanks. ive also put it up on the discord aswell for people to have a look at.