View Full Version : PS4 BS1 to BS2 save import problem

10-24-2018, 02:16 AM

I've created a ticket at the support considering this and maybe someone had an experience with this issue before.

Recently I bought BS Trilogy for ps4 pro on my us account. Digital version from PSN. After finishing the first game I have found that save from it was not found on the system by the second one. Not just didn't completed but not found at all. The BS3 seems to be ok with save from BS2. But BS2 didn't see the BS1's
I have tried to re-sync my saves to cloud, ps plus, reinstalling both games etc. Playing on the same account every time both online and offline. Games are installed on external hdd. Transferring to internal didn't helped either. Maybe it has something to do with that the BS1 has slightly difference (different port maybe in comparison to Xbox) from both BS3 and BS2 in terms of graphical interface, naming etc. in opposite to BS2 and BS3 which are looks identical


11-15-2018, 03:56 PM
I have the same problem, was there any solution on this?

11-16-2018, 12:45 AM
There is! The patch is now submitted to Sony and will soon be live. Hold on a bit more.

11-18-2018, 02:11 AM
Haven't got any updates yet. At discord there is stated that patch is in testing - not on sony side. Is there any troubles?

11-18-2018, 02:28 AM
Not really. It's just on the way.