View Full Version : Hard cap on supplies in Banner Saga 1?

12-25-2018, 04:37 AM
I just got to a location in the later game that sells supplies at a decent rate, and passed
movies download (http://movieseriesworld.com/) movies at forum (http://www.movieseriesworld.com/forums/index.php) two different locations before that also sold them at amazing rates. I bought a tremendous amount of them and then noticed that my supply limit refuses to go above 60 days, and that everything I was buying was using my renown but was not increasing my supply limit.

Has anybody else noticed this? If I buy them now, do they just not show up until later when that cap is lifted? Am I just wasting renown? Is this the only time this supply limit happens or is there always a supply limit (over the three games).

12-25-2018, 02:20 PM
This is strange... I am not aware of a cap on supplies. Do you see the days-of-supplies counter dropping, as the days pass?