View Full Version : Two Questions the announcements made me have.

02-04-2013, 07:25 PM
1.If you lose a fight, does the story go on like X-com and you just have to deal with weak new units for a while or do you have to start the fight over?

The post Alex made in the Ftl thread really confused me here as he said in the early game you could actually have to control a new protaginast if you screw up enough. If the story continues I hope there's no fights that you have to lose to get some major dialogue options, as most people (myself included) will probably just save-scum to prevent those from being seen.

2. Will this game have Boss Fights?

This isn't a question that emerged from something anyone said as much as something that's been troubling me about most modern games. I've seen way too may modern games (I'm looking at you Fable) that any major combat that has any effect on the plot is way to easy and the villain is harshly under powered, I have to applaud games like Bastion or Jamestown or Hotline Miami or Legend of Grimrock or Torchlight for having actual bossfights! Seriousely the game industry has gotten to the point (no thanks to "realistic" shooters) that one of the best parts of video games in general isn't even fricken there half the time! That rutles my jimmies so much the gorilla on my cereal box is scared. Yes you can have an effective story without bossfights, if you don't want to put bosses in the game that's fine. Just don't go around sayingOh fighting waves of extremley weak enemeys using the exact same tactics over and over again is SO much more entertaining No it's not. Don't saykilling off the villian in a stupid and anti-climatic way is better No It's Not! Don't say Cool Fights get into the way of things, bland fighting is way more artistic! NO IT"S NOT!FOR THE LOVE OF THOR IF YOU SAY THAT A HUGE FIGHT WITH THE EVIL,DEMONIC,TEUTONIC KNIGHT LOVING,CENTAUR PONY HURTING,WARLEADER DISREPECTING,WALRUS ABUSING, GOD KILLING, BASTARD THAT LEADS THE DREDGE WOULD HARM THE STORY THAT'S STUPID AND YOUR DESIGN PHILOSPHY F-uuuum sorry I really feel extremeley strong about this issue, boss fights have been one of my faviorite parts of games since my childhood, both Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics(two major inspirations for this game from what I heard) had several awesome bossfights if what I hear in the forums are correct. I'm not saying this game needs bossfights it's just modern games in general need more bossfights.

04-23-2013, 12:26 PM
1) No, you have same units and can you them as you wish. No one really dies.

04-23-2013, 04:23 PM
2) Regarding this aspect, I really have some concerns as to how good the AI will actually be. I'm afraid that battles could be awfully "scripted", i.e. repeated, since there is little (to no) luck involved in the fights. Moreover, in my opinion, the most interesting thing in Factions is playing against humans, where they can make mistakes or surprise you in multitude of ways. So, with the game mechanics so simple and no-luck involved, facing an AI could be weird in a number of different ways, just like the chess engines. E.g., making an early mistake could lose you the battle entirely, or, playing at an "easy" setting could make the battles too soft, sorta point-n-click-ish. Well, we'll just have to wait and see.

About boss fights, I like them too. The ideal, imo, is not fighting a single "big ugly tough guy"; its more about facing really hard battles, where you're outnumbered, or have to sacrifice units, or need to use plot elements and environmental factors... Stuff like that make major-fights memorable.

04-24-2013, 01:11 PM
The devs said that fighting dredge will not be the same as fighting other vikings, so the AI may surprise us yet!