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02-21-2013, 12:17 AM
Is there a way to report players for abuse?

I just played a game against a fellow (I had 63 points, he had 63 or 62 maybe. Definitly a thrasher and backbiter in there), went into pillage with 3 of mine vs his 1, thanked him for the game and his only response was 'fu' before quitting.

It's not a big deal and its not like I took offence to it, but I realised there probably should be a way to flag people for being abusive (and in free-to-play the unwashed internet masses shall cometh). It doesn't take much to imagine that things could get a whole lot worse.

And to follow on to that train of thought: Does the game have an age-rating? Is it worthwhile having filters in the chat program if the rating means there might be little twiddleywinks playing? Or perhaps having in-game moderators who can kick/ban a player for ongoing infractions?

some kind of optional chat filter is probably the better solution, although that doesn't stop abuse it just lets a player put their fingers in their ears for a while.

Oh, also... how about an /ignore feature?

02-21-2013, 01:00 AM
Thanks for the feedback Finjinimo. This is something stoic is also working out, and is in their list of things to do.

There's no system to report players in game as of now, and the suggestions you've made are the same ones the team is trying to implement. It will just be a bit more time to get in.

For now, I suppose, if any griefing occurs, please take note of your opponent and send an email to community@stoicstudio.com

Note, to prevent further complications and to protect both players' privacy, please send an email rather than posting on the forums regarding the user (I have been guilty of this before, and would like to advise against this).

I'm not sure exactly what we can do (since steam names can change), but maybe stoic has a crude way of tracing users and steam accounts right now.

tldr: I've also reminded the team, and they'll get on it as soon as they can.

The New Romance
02-21-2013, 03:00 PM
Too sad stuff like this happens as soon as the iron curtain of backers-and-betas-only is lifted. Ah, well. At least we'll be able to always find a game :)