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  1. I've left a post in the admin chat .
  2. Thanks for the numbers! I was curious. Is this based on probability only? Just also wondering a bit about the computation. Would this mean, in your opinion, it's worth trying having pillage end at 1v2? Seems so to me
  3. Raven, I made a miscalculation on the numbers before (I had put into the calculation that a 1vs1 scenario would indicate a 100% chance of winning on average. Obviously, that should have been 50%.) My new estimates (in which 1vs1 is at 50%) are a 25% chance of a comeback with pillage, and 210% without. If pillage ends at 1vs2, it would be 40%. If it ends at 1vs3, 67%.
  4. Hey Guomundr if your running the numbers or estimates, as you mentioned in the chat, what's the probability of a comeback if pillage ends 2v1 rather than at 1v1. You mentioned an estimate of 29% with the current system/game state
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