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  1. Hey Slimsy, Guodmundr handled your request before I got into the office to do so .

    On another note...would you mind eventually transferring your choose your own adventure to ink writer and then making that available? I'm quite busy with a number of real life and community duties, and would love to get into your fiction at my own pace (like one of those novels/books you could read). I'm not familiar with Inklewriter myself since I haven't tried it. But I think it would be so cool if we could turn it into something like davemo's battle planner which people can access as they like
  2. Hey Raven - Upon release of my "Class Battle" thread I accidentally called a Warleader a Warmaster in the poll. It doesn't appear that I have the ability to edit it. Can moderators delete the poll and recreate it? If not perhaps we can delete the entire thread and I will post a new one that is correct.

    Thread can be found here:

    Let me know - Brendan
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