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  1. Cool, thanks for fixing that. I hadn't written it; I was just moving stuff around to make the site easier to manage. It's correct in both sections now because the archer pages reference/include/point to the puncture page.

    Besides maybe some more errors, the wiki still has plenty of gaps; feel free to edit anything, or recruit others to do so. Raven pointed a sticky at this page (which I wrote but didn't finish), so it could probably benefit from some fixing up:

    I made you an admin on the site. I'm not sure what extra powers that gives, but it might entail a bunch of emails (for whenever a page changes). If so, each should have a link to "stop these emails" in it.

  2. the puncture description in both sections is now correct. you must have moved it after my edit (or maybe my edit affected both sides? not sure). the only thing that was wrong was that in the example you concluded +7 dmg when it was +4.
  3. Hiya,
    I moved the puncture description to its own page here*
    Feel free to edit it when you have time.

    *so that the four pages where it's needed could "include" it, in wikidot lingo...and perhaps broader internet lingo; what do I know?

    EDIT: I like how that link rendered a smiley.
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