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  1. Hi!
    Stoicmom said me to send you my post; I posted in forum yet, in faction discussion.


    First of all, sorry for my english : )

    Yesterday, in the game, there were reflexions with The Lone Rider about the tournament, and stoicmom asked to talk about it in the forum.

    I have seen that often one only player (the strongest) plays a lot of games, while others play a few.
    I think this comes from the fact that many average players are afraid to meet the strongest (4, 5 and over again) and always lose...
    This fact greatly limits their will to accept or propose games.

    I suggest it could be limited, for example 2 (round trip), the maximum number of games between two players in the same tournament.
    In this way each player, having met 2 times the strongest (and lost : ) ), can also meet others and hope to do better.
    I hope everyone will play more and with more opponents.


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