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  1. Thanks for the reply nonetheless! Your feedback is still useful! Warmaster seems to be seeing a change in the game's meta-strategy as of late . We will see where it goes.
  2. Haha so, funny story, I just noticed this message thinger from you or I would have replied earlier, but actually I misread your poll and thought it was about the Warleader (who I still use in almost every build, even/especially postnerf) and not the Warmaster! I figured it out about 5 seconds later but couldn't figure out how to change my vote! So unfortunately if you're looking for the elusive Warmaster-supporter, I am not him. I like the idea of the unit but currently he seems to be used only for his 17 strength and not for his (potentially neato) ability, I'm interested to see where he ends up though!
  3. Hi! Thanks for your vote on the poll, great stuff! Can I entice you to post about how you use the warmaster and what you love about him? It would be wonderful to get as much feedback as possible.
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