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  1. hey bro~ yeah I've been away from the game for a while due to work/school and BMs being OP :-) just reinstalled the game 3 days ago, have been playing since :-) Hope I get to see you around :-)
  2. hey glraven i started palying again, havent seen u in forever man
  3. thanks glraven hehe yeah i think ive said all i could think of about BMs. i might be taking a break from playing TBS indefinitely until the new units/singleplayer comes out. i think i told u, i like playing offensive and i think this game rewards defensive formations more than offensive players. i really hope the new units will be offensive heh but i will check in the forums regularly to see if an update is looming
  4. Hey bro~ Really love your post on the "Is BM OP" board :-) I agree with you that BM is becoming the only viable counter to BM :-) hope that I get to see more of your thoughts :-)
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