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  1. I saw that you've added great flavor-text to all the units! I've put them in a list for easier editing and comparison in the future:
    If you didn't see it before, the abilities are also in a list:
  2. Yesterday, a discussion started about having a wiki hosted by Stoic: I think if this could share a login with the forums (as Sean, Stoic's community manager mentioned), that would be the best way. There's some question about the platform (though I don't think Wikidot is a serious contender ), and Sean hasn't reported what the dev team think of the idea.

    Anyway, it's not likely to be in place before the public launch, and I figure information can be copy-pasted to it when/if it's up. In the short-term, I'm going to finish up the "Battle" page on wikidot at least. For me, I prefer it over the Wikia one mostly because I can see a reference page like this: With some Wikia-skills, someone could probably put together something similar, but I'll wait 'til I see it.
  3. I'll keep working on the Wiki--though at this point, it feels like we're somewhat redundant with the Wikia page ( I wonder if this page can differentiate itself by being exclusive to Factions, perhaps even getting a link to the Banner Saga Wiki? In any case, I love its tactical focus--it feels much more like the forums.
  4. Ah, cool: Stoic has taken away my privileges in the forum! So, to reply to your thread:
    I think the flavor text is great! Maybe it needs a flavor box to go in? I've made a crude one here and tried it out on the archer.
  5. Hi Robert,

    Nice job filling in the wiki! Let me know if you have any questions about it. You're now an admin on the site, so you should be able to do anything. Feel free to rewrite the small part that I've written on the Battle page in addition to the rest. I'm going to see if I can find an easy way of making it so you only need to write the description of a passive in one place.

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