While today is the big day where The Banner Saga: Factions goes live for all to enjoy... and why does that remind me of the old Conan quote (which actually originates from Genghis Khan):"What is best in life?" "To crush your enemies -- See them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!"... but I digress.

There are still some hours before Factions goes public and if you didn't have the opportunity to help test out, you may be wondering if the game is fun? Of course it is but don't take our word for it, there are a ton of reviews floating across the Internet, including this latest one by Fraser Brown on AWESOMEoutof10: The Banner Saga: Factions Beardpressions.

Here is a short snippet from the article:

Look – The Banner Saga: Factions is pretty rad. It’s free and it’s coming out for all the plebeians to consume shortly. No doubt I’ll find myself posting some more thoughts forged in a mystical Norse smithy somewhere down the line in what the heroic adventurers of yore called “a review”, but in the mean time, strap on a beard, grab an axe and let me kick your arse. I really need the renown.
... but go read the whole thing!