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    The Banner Saga: Factions is now Open to All!

    Hello! All of us at Stoic are proud to announce that The Banner Saga: Factions is now open to the public! We'd be happy to send more keys but no need, the game is free on Steam (PC and Mac). We're in the featured section of Steam, or just search for "The Banner Saga".

    In addition, we've just finished our launch trailer (very proud of this one), available here:

    First official tournament will be coming this Wednesday!

    Some people have had questions about what "Factions" is, and why we released it separate from the single player Saga. To summarize, we built combat for the single player game and decided to release it as multiplayer competitive game free and early as we continue to develop the single player game. Unlike many "free to play" games, there's no energy system, no pay to win, and matches are made between teams with even power, regardless of whether they spent money or not. In fact, we've pretty much designed a game that you never need to pay a cent for, truly and honestly. We've probably screwed ourselves. In the meantime, work continues heavily on the single player campaign.
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