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    Achievements not unlocked in Steam

    I know this is low priority, but wanted to make sure this bug (or not-yet-implemented bit) was known.

    At the moment, all achievements are viewable in Steam, but Steam doesn't recognize any of the achievements I've earned. Not a big deal, but it brings up a question--are new players also not getting the Steam achievement for, say "first game" and "first victory"?

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    yeah I'd like to see what I have unlocked so I know whats next
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    Yep, I have this issue. Played two games, won my second. A message at the end told me I'd got an achievement for my first victory, but it's not been awarded on Steam. Everything is showing progress of 0/0, except the one for Elo rating 1700, which looks like it's been awarded, though I've clearly not done it.

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    From the release notes:
    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    Achievements are not yet being pushed to Steam, but have been defined there and will be applied retroactively next week.

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    Currently they are not being sent to steam, they will be in the near future. They will retroactively unlock also.

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