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Thread: Let's Plays?

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    Let's Plays?

    A question that I have that doesn't seem to have been asked yet, is will this game be "Let's Play" friendly? Or will people be free to make youtube series of playthroughs of the game? I will be starting a let's play type channel soon and I'd love to record my thoughts and emotions on my first blind playthrough of the game, along with multiplayer battles. BUT I certainly will not if the creators are adamant about not posting them.

    I understand that putting up the storyline for people to see without paying for it might seem like a bad idea, but with my channel at least, I will play games that I really love with the intention of showing off and letting people know about lesser known games that they might not normally be able to hear about. I'd love to generate any amount of extra buzz for this game upon it's release and with all the choices and branching storyline I hear about from the devs I'm sure that no two playthroughs will be exactly alike without putting in effort for it to be as close as possible thus giving newer people another reason to check it out even if they watch a whole series.

    I just would like to ask because another Kickstarter game I have helped fund and am just as excited about is The Dead Linger and they said right from the beginning that any sort of Machinima or Let's Play is acceptable and even encouraged to help get the word out about the game, so I would definitely like to ask right away and see if the same mindset is used on this project as well.

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    I doubt Stoic will have any problem with people making videos of them playing the game, though it can't hurt to get it straight from the horse's mouth.

    P.S.: I've also backed The Dead Linger.

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    I want to do one.

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    Are there ever instances of devs or publishers shutting down (or even opposing at all) a Let's Play? You'd have to be crazy to throw off free publicity.

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    Rockstar. xD Other than them though, I haven't heard of anyone doing it.

    I just like to be nice and upfront about it and ask whenever I can.

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