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Thread: Kotaku just did a feature on TBS's art.

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    Kotaku just did a feature on TBS's art.

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    Wow! What a feature

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    I can't wait to see the whole Saga! my avatar: my wardog & blind warsheep.

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    Love it. I continue to be impressed, inspired, and excited by the art that Arnie and the guys have put out.

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    Oh my gosh, Arnie, those are incredible! Do I see some Wardog concept art there?
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    Is that a new map I see there, with the braziers?

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    Dude, I can't wait for that Varl Berserker looking guy. Also, centaurs!

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    I absolutely love that concept art with the units all next to eachother. When that was provided in one of the Kickstarter updates I was so disapointed that the quality wasnt good enough to turn into a wallpaper. Problem solved! It's great to get access to these images at a high quality!

    Also we are getting a sneak peak at some of the upcoming units! The black and white concept art at the bottom showing the 4 warriors certainly includes the Wardog! Also, I'm guessing that Shieldbanger of sorts 3 from the bottom is our final Shieldbanger promotion (the Champion?). That dual axe wielding Varl most likely is indeed a Beserker, another of the upcoming classes.

    The Girl is the blue tunic is Juno (whose name will possibly be changed before the saga hits) and the axe weilding man with a bow over his shoulder is Rook. These are the two main characters in the the first game of The Banner Saga. The big black armored (non-human?) unit is a Dredge (or is Dredge? not sure on the appropriate grammar), who apparently are the "bad guys" of the single player game.

    The centaurs are definately coming and will be included eventually (which I am super excited for!). But rather than the traditional take on centaurs Stoic has based them off the rugged ponies sylized in the appropriate chronological time period for Vikings (shaggy and stout rather than the tall and elegant centaurs that C.S. Lewis brought to life). Very excited to see what role they end up fulfilling in combat!

    Can you tell that I have been absolutely obssessive over every tidbit released about this game?
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    Do we know curly-horns-in-purple's name yet? Given that he is the leader of the Varl in the factions intro video (He watches the battle from the pillar near the entrance during the tutorial, and from the right hand of the governor during matches on the great hall map.) and the narrator for the original kickstarter video, I assume he is important enough that he'll show up again in the future.

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