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Thread: Suggestion: The Hall of Heroes

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    Suggestion: The Hall of Heroes

    I want to contribute a suggestion to Factions called the Hall of Heroes. The idea is that this would be a leaderboard for individual units rather than for players.

    Stoic has been incentivizing us to care about individual units by providing us with kill counts, the ability to rename units, and a couple different costume choices. How about taking it a step further and letting the player see how their favorite unit stacks up against the global roster of all-time legendary heroes of Strand? Stoic is already doing a pretty great job tracking interesting statistics for each player, and I have a sneaking suspicion that they are tracking unit-based information as well...

    The unit leaderboard could be subdivided by unit class (archer, raider, shieldmaster, warrior) or by unit type (raider, thrasher, raidmaster, backbiter, etc). Interesting categories to rank each unit might include: Kills, Deaths, Kill-Death Ratio, Days in Service, Battles Fought, Battles Won, and Battles Survived.

    Top-ranked units for each category could be visible to all players, and your own units would show up at the bottom of the list if you are not top-ranked, similar to how the player leaderboard works. Perhaps top-ranked units could be viewable with a costumed portrait and a listing of their skill breakdown, to give other players something to gawk at.

    Now for the fun bit: Maybe it would be possible for top-ranked units to receive a special title in recognition of their prowess? For example: A Thrasher named "Bjorn" who becomes one of the top-ten kill count leaders amongst Thrashers could recieve a designation like "Bjorn the Merciless". If Bjorn then became the top kill-count leader he could get a fancier designation like "Bjorn the Death-Dealer". If he then fell out of the ranking he could retain some kind of title in recognition of his former glory, like "Bjorn the Undying"... Those example titles are pretty terrible, but you get the idea. The titles could be randomly pulled out of a large picklist or they could be fixed class-specific titles. Maybe these titles could show up on the matchmaking screen, so that when you are matched with a high-ranked opponent you can see his power-units and start a) quaking in your boots, or b) devising a way to counter them.

    So. Thats my entirely cosmetic suggestion that I think would breathe some extra life into Factions!
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    Nice suggestion . Thanks for posting!

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    Love the idea!

    But be careful. People will come and use this as an argument that the game is p2w as you can upgrade units with bought renown. Doesn't make sense, i know, but this hasn't stopped people from ranting before.

    Still, great idea!

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    I also love this idea. Moreover, it makes for an interesting trade-off; do I give kills to my raidmaster (saving up for levels 2 and 3), or do I give even more kills to my Warhawk, hoping to enroll him in the ranks of the immortals?

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    Really like this idea. I dunno how the title thing would work for me, since my characters don't have traditional names, but love the concept overall.

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    I love the idea. You could even take it once step further and create some sort of visual for the unit, like a special color variant you can only get if your unit is currently in, or has been in the top ten in a particular season. This would obviously hinge on having seasons and a ladder reset implemented in the game. For those of us that have played the WOW arena system this would be very familiar. A color variant that can not be bought and gives no bonus to game play is a reason in itself for people to strive to meet those goals. I think a similar idea could be used for the tournaments. If winning a weekly tournament automatically got you invited to a quarterly/seasonally held tournament of champions that would be very cool. The winner of that final tournament could also receive a new color variation or title for his/her team. These are things that make people play more, its an E-carrot dangling on a string that gives players a sense of accomplishment.

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