I recently started using Steam big picture mode. It has actually reinvigorated my interest in gaming, to the point it is now directly affecting my purchases on Steam.

The reason is that I can now play the games on a much better display, with often much better graphics (compared to a console version) and with much better (5.1) sound. As important, it also makes it more comfortable and a lot easier and accessible to play with other people, which is exactly what has happened since.

To the point: The Banner Saga is my most anticipated title of 2013 so far. I think I am not alone in this. I also think that I'm not alone in having the same experience of Steam Big Picture mode, and many more will in the coming months and after the inevitable launch of the steam box.

So please implement Full controller support for The Banner Saga at release for steam, don't wait 6-12 months later when a console port is done. Why? Because TBS is is perfect for controller input, and I will hold off playing it until full controller support is in place, which just makes it cruel!