Sorry, I forgot that the spearmaster class was revealed previously when we got our first look at Ludin.

It looks like characters are limited to one item slot at the moment. My guess would be that if you click that 'plus' symbol, shown on Tryggvi's empty item slot, it brings up a menu of available items for you to put in the slot. We can see that the plus has disappeared on Iver once his item slot is filled. I'd guess that you can click on the item to bring up the menu to exchange items.

I suspect that we'll be seeing items in Factions eventually, once they've been balanced.

I think that we will get the Champion, in the single played at least. Wasn't the Champion referred to by Stoic recently, not long before we were discussing his possible ability?

Looking at the first fight shown in the travel trailer, I can see an ability icon active on Iver's portrait that we've not seen before (as far as I can remember). Apart from the spearmaster, all other units shown on that screen have known abilities. Perhaps this is a clue?

I wonder why the featured spearmasters have been built with comparatively low armour and high willpower? Might this give us a clue as to their abilities? Previously I have speculated that their passive would damage units that passed through a square adjacent to them (or maybe just finished on a square adjacent to them). I'd expect the Spearmaster to be able to increase this damage by spending WP (and thus function very similarly to the Shieldmaster). Or perhaps their ability is a strength based return the favour.