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Thread: Exertion and armor break display

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    Exertion and armor break display

    Units in factions have 5 important statistics(not counting abilities). Three of them (strength, armor and willpower) we can see on flags at any time. Quite often (but not always) a player can calculate exertion by clicking on unit and counting "gold" move range.
    But, if i am not missing something, player cannot see armor break of an enemy unit (except on this unit's turn).
    Maybe it would be reasonable to place that info on flag? Or display in lower left corner stats of selected unit, instead of stats of now-acting unit?

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    I second this. It would make calculating moves much easier to new/intermediate players. Veterans can easily estimate these missing information giving them an additional advantage against less experienced players.
    I would vote for your second option (display selected unit stats in corner) as the flags could become too cluttered.

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    You cannot calculate break and exertion of blocked Varl. If he cannot move, you don't see gold squares, and from unit point total and three known values you can only calculate sum of break and exertion in this case.

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    Of course, but you can estimate the values (high vs low) with common sense. E.g. high willpower implies not too low exertion and with strength and armor you can guess what's left for armor break. If you have a good feeling for the numbers.

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    Yes, I have had the same experience. I think it would be beneficial to be able to see the full stats for any unit at any time, and I'm not sure why the break stat needs to be the read-headed stepchild of the bunch.

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    It would suffice to see a smaller stat-bar on top of the unit bar, just as soon as you click on a charakter icon. This way the screen doesn't get cluttered and you can check stats anytime.
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    I would like to be able to click on a unit or its portrait and see its full stats.

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