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Thread: movement and turns

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    movement and turns

    hey guys im loving this game but i cant figure out where i can see the movement possible for each class outside of combat, and i would like to ask if it is possible to set the order in which your guys get turns.

    thank you in advance ^ ^

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    Raider and Warrior - 4 tiles
    Archers and Shieldbangers - 3 tiles
    There is no in-game details about it currently.

    You can change the order by moving your units around in the Proving grounds (location in upper right corner of the Strand city view)

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    Movement range and attack range of archers are stats that should be displayed in the proving grounds. It's not a big deal once you have played a couple of games and know them by heart, but it would help new players.

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    thank you for your answers you helped

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    What Piotras wrote is accurate but to make it more precise i will write the following.

    Archers can naturaly move 3 tiles, but they can move up to 5 tiles by using willpower.

    Upgraded archers can move up to 6 tiles if they have put the required points in the Exertion stat. All archers also have a natural attack range of 5 tiles in a straight line, but you should try ingame to select your archer and press attack and you will see the shape of the attackgrid for yourself.

    The Bowmaster may use her abillity to shoot farther then the natural attack range, 7 tiles at rank 1 to be more precise, but she may only deal damage to the Strength stat this way.

    Raiders can naturaly move 4 tiles and use willpower to move up to 6 tiles.
    The upgraded versions, like the archers, can have 3 points in the Exertion stats. This allows for movement up to 7 tiles.

    Sheildbangers can naturaly move 3 tiles but only have 1 point in Exertion, thus allowing a maximum movement of 4 tiles
    I don't know all the upgrades maximum Exertion but the Sheildmaster has 2, giving movement up to 5 tiles.

    Warrior can naturaly move 4 tiles and have 2 Exertion, allowing them to walk 6 tiles
    The above is the same for the upgrades with the exception of Warleader, who has 3 maximum Exertion, thus allowing him to walk 7 tiles.

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    during a game you can click on any toon and see the highlighted blue squares of available base movement for that toon. when moving archers, if you mouse over a possible movement square you can see if your opponent's toons get a solid red outline around their square, indicating that you can hit them with a ranged attack after moving to your square.

    I hope that makes sense.

    oops, just recognized that you were asking about knowing movement outside of combat...but anyway, i think my post is accurate.
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