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    Yes, granted, the population drop might have no other reason than the usual launch buzz and following weariness.

    There are still plenty of ways to make an annoying build, especially since the types (upgraded versions) of the various classes aren't limited. I'm sure most people find three bowmasters or thrashers annoying. In the event of such a limitation it might be nice with, as I said above, only two of the same type available - maybe even only one type of Varl (still possibly the same class, but never the same class type).

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    I joined shortly after beta, before the nerfing patch landed. Facing 4Raiders+2Warriors is an experience that can discourage people from playing the game ever again.
    You know how stupidly dominant 3Raiders(esp 12/12Thrashers)+2Warriors+1BM can be (even in less competent hands)? Well that one was ten times worse - a bloody wall of 4 RM slowly and silently closing in on Your most valuable targets while You desperately try to protect them and calculate how long would it take for those 9/16 Warriors looming behind said wall to annihilate any forces You send to intercept. Oh the horror.

    The only way for it to work is if it would force 1 Varl - that might actually unlock some interesting options, it could, however, open the door for exploits aiming to override this restriction.

    For now, You feel experimental give 3archers+3raiders a shot - it used to work wonders in hands of a competent leader.

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    I use one of each of the archers and raiders with quite good results actually, I always feel kind of turdly when I end up with the a couple of archers - which is mostly the case. I can't see how any build could be more annoying for a regular player actually, it's all about limiting the movement and use of the Varls for me; often I kill a low armour high damage Varl even before he can get into contact...
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    Dansk, your issue with the unit cap is just a smaller facet to some of the bigger problems in TBS:F. I wasn't a big fan of the 3 raider/archer cap either (I preferred the 2 advanced class cap) but it was one of the more effective solutions to fix an obvious issue to the game during that time. Note the word "effective" because even though cap worked, it ultimately didn't fix any of more fundamental issues with the game, such as how powerful cheeses due to certain broken abilities, overpowered advanced units, etc. TBS:F hasn't been patched for basically years now, and with Stoic more focused on the tablet version of TBS and the second episode, I don't they're going to come back anytime soon. I'd rather Stoic actually start balancing the game first and add new maps, etc. before reverting the unit cap because reverting a change just to satisfy somebody's need for cheese doesn't seem like the the biggest deal with the game right now. Stoic should actually start patching TBS:F again before that starts happening.

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