Hi all! We concluded our first full length tournament and crowned the second ever tournament Champion!

Let it be known, at the end of beta Tirean the Klutz was awarded the honor of being placed on the first tournament banner, by virtue of ending the beta at #1. Conundrum emerged as the first tournament winner ever during the headstart week trial tournament. and balnoisi emerged victorious in the first full tournament format held, with an astounding and epic clean record!

Now, with the first tournament over, I would just like to make a suggestion based on some thoughts and observations, see below!

I noticed something odd about the tournament. The tourney goes on for 5 days Wednesday-Sunday, with rest days Mon-Tuesday. I just noticed though, that the tournament start period and the 5 game per day quota aren't synced up.

Tirean noticed the games refresh at 18:00 GMT, as of the time I'm writing this email (12:20 GMT) there's 17 hours and 40 min left. In 5 hours and 40 min 5 games will refresh, to reach the 25 games over 5 days quota. 17 hours and 40 min - 5 and 40 min means people only have half a day, 12 hours, to complete the last 5 games, rather than a full 24 hrs. Now 12 hours may seem long, but it's a tiny window when people are coming from different time zones.

First, I am wondering if this is intended.

Second, I would like to suggest, whether this is intended or not, if we could revise the tournament format to accommodate any and all player timezone in the best way possible by doing the following:

1. Change the tournament end day to Saturday (-GMT). This way people on -GMT end on Saturday, while people on +GMT end on Sunday, thereby giving everyone regardless of timezone the chance to catch up on games on the very last day; rather than play Elo racing with the last 12 hours.

2. Rather than play 25 games over 5 days, what if people could play 25 games over 6 days (but still 5 games are allowed per day until 25 is reached), with 1 day break. So that effectively, the schedule would become (for -GMT) Monday-Saturday Tourney, with a break on Sunday. This way, the last day is only used for catch up games, so whether you're +or- GMT you have 1 day space to do catch-up. Effectively, Americans would finish their tourney Friday and Sat, Asian and Aussies would finish their tourney Sat and Sunday.
What do you guys think?