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Thread: To kill an archer: Armor or Strength?

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    To kill an archer: Armor or Strength?

    I'm coming here seeking some opinons and advice on how to deal with archers. I'm riding a good win streak and want to get it higher.

    I've found over my games that often time the end game comes down to my archers vs. my enemies archers. As such, I've really been focusing on keeping them in top health at the end game, and taking advantage of opportunities to take out a chunk of armor or strength with a raider when I get the chance. That way when the 2v2 archer duel happens, my full strength archers usually pull the win.

    The problem I'm having is that I can't decide wheather its more advantageous to take 4 armor (2 break plus 2 willpower), which means that my archers get a good amount of strenght damage in, or to hit the strenght value of the enemy, which keeps my other guys alive better.

    I tend to go really heavy on beating up my opponents armor for most of the game, but with enemy archers I can't decide if its better to just straight hit strength, or go for the armor. I've been winning doing both, but I can seem to pin down if one way is giving me a better edge.

    Any thoughts?

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    My general rule of thumb: if I can do at least 4 str damage hit strength, otherwise armor.

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    I always go for str since they're crippled and taking 60-70% shots(or less?) If they get a lucky streak of not missing then they were going to win anyway. The best thing would be to hit for 4 armor, then your next turn hit them with another unit for the kill/maim.

    Str being tied to power/hit chance makes it useful in most cases. 0 armor full str archer is just as deadly as full armor archer.

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    Those are two great peices of advice gentlemen, thank you.

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    With an archer built with a low starting strength, it might be worth hitting for 3.

    A lot depends on willpower, armour damage dealt, and whether your own remaining armour can block their strength.

    In an archer vs archer I'd say focus on getting their strength down if you can - particularly if you can hit strength and it's above your armour.

    Generally, it's best to kill your opponent's archers in the early or mid-game. I'd say focus on that more. I've lost a lot of matches to a carelessly placed archer going down in the early game.

    Archers only get better as the game goes on, and archers are really not good at killing other archers, compared to warriors and raiders.

    If we're talking about 2 sets of undamaged archers standing off against each other in bow range, then Siege archers might be the way to go - higher health and armour, plus reliable strength and armour damage for 1 willpower.
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    Great comments so far.

    I generally try to get a raider (usually maimed) to take a good armor break of four or so on an archer, even if it means he's going to die next round. Nothing is more frustrating to me than having to take a percentage chance of miss on an archer v. archer match-up.

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    I'd just add that its quite important to prevent archers from using puncture against damaged units at the end of the game- Watching your low armor varl take a double digit strength hit from puncture at the end of the game is brutal. For that reason, I will almost always choose strength damage against an archer in the early game.

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    My take is that any time you're deciding whether to attack armor or strength, you also need to consider what types of blows you're going to land afterward, ie where you expect your strength to be when the turn rolls back around to you. And how close reinforcements are if you are unable to hit them next time.

    The tricky thing about archers is that if there's more than one, they're probably in range of each other and can play their puncture abilities off each other.

    So yes, take the shot at strength if you can do good damage that will cripple their ability to damage you back, but bear in mind that if you don't take down that armor, you may not land your next hit. In my limited experience, sometimes the better investment is to sacrifice yourself take down their armor so that they can be quickly dispatched by the next guy to break through the line. I usually only go for str if I can knock them down to three or less, because they're still a devastating threat at 4 or 5 strength.

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    Unless you're hitting TOO weak (or missing), strenght. Hell, most units can severely cripple or kill an acher in one kills.

    Use one Backbiter or 2 in your team, you'll be able to pretty much ignore archers after that, just dash to them,run through and get it over with.
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    I generally hit them for health in the beginning of the game and in the mid game, I tend to go for armor. In the end game it depends on what I've got and what he's got. I tend to try to take out or severely cripple one of two Archers in builds with two of them. That way, I won't have to worry as much about Puncture in the late game.

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