Hey guys,

Relevantly new guy here, I've played around 50 matches already and I am starting to really question this mechanic. Let me start by trying to actually express the problem.

If I understand it correctly, the combat sequence (initiative line) works as follows:
1) You and your opponent, have set your units in your preferred order.
2) By some criterion, unknown to me, the game decides which player has the first move, and his first unit takes an action.
3) From then on, the combat sequence goes on by a simple shuffling of the two player's preferred order.

Up to this point all is well, and more or less natural, though I would really prefer to see an initiative rating on the units, and the combat sequence depending solely on that. But this is a completely different story.

So, the problems begin when a unit dies and as such is removed from the combat sequence. As you all have probably noticed, when this occurs, the unit is not just simply removed from the sequence giving the opponent player two subsequent unit moves, instead it is replaced by the next-in-line unit of that player, hence keeping the turns again 1-to-1 for each player.

I am not really certain why the game developers choose to include this mechanic but it is frustrating. And it gets a lot more frustrating when the unit counts for each player change from X / X-1 to something like X / X-2.

In this situation, you might have 4 units for example and your opponent 2 and yet you play one after the other still! Besides from being completely unrealistic (suddenly the archer realizes "Oh crap all my allies are dead I should attack faster" or on the other hand your unit says "Meh we got dit, let me smoke a joint till we end this"), it works as a significant buffer to the combat advantage granted to you by killing a unit. It's as if the developers want each combat to be prolonged and always "forgiving" mistakes, which I am not certain I agree to in a strategy game.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Pardon me if it has been addressed already, I did not search thoroughly, if it has please direct me to that post and I will continue my brainstorming there.