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Thread: Warrior Upgrade, any help?

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    Warrior Upgrade, any help?

    Hey all^^

    so I'm near to level up my warrior, and I was checking the possible upgrades that he has, the Warleader seemed good to me, but what does he do? Reading his skill it seems you're going to change the initiative queue, am I right? Is a Warleader a good choice? Should I upgrade the warrior to another class? Any suggestion?

    My team is composed by:

    x2 Archers - 1 Skystriker and 1 Standard
    x2 Raiders - 1 Trasher and 1 Standard
    x1 Warrior - What I'm talking for^^
    x1 Strongharm - Big guy with "I smash you're smart ass offside with my big shield"^^

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    Depends on what you want to do really. You're right about the Warleader's ability. It gives whoever you use it on one willpower, and that character moves on your next turn. You can do some awesome stuff with this, but you'll want to know you can use it, and figure out some combos with other units before you decide to upgrade to a Warleader. I don't know too many strategies with him, and it's been a while since I've seen one, but I would love to build a team around him eventually. You could use his ability to get a Warhawk/Warmaster up to the front quicker, get a unit out of a tight spot, use it on an archer after she's hit armor for puncture damage before it can be stopped, etc. Though you have to watch out because he can be easily crippled. He's risky to take, because he's the hardest of three advanced warrior class to utilize properly, IMO. He's doesn't hit quite as hard, but he has the highest armor break, so he's not as useless as the other two once maimed.

    The two others are pretty straightforward big-hitters that come in mid-late game and mop up, the Warmaster being a bit stronger of the two, but the Warhawk can use his ability to threaten multiple targets at a time.

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    Honestly I've yet to see someone use a Warleader effectively. His ability definitely has potential but it suffers from a degree of abstraction. While finesse and manipulation is not necessarily inferior to brute force, it's competing against a lot of brute force. The first time you kill two full or nearly full strength raiders with a single blow from a Warhawk, and clear a path to their archer, you'll see how that's a hard thing to give up for an ability that is very difficult to get a lot of mileage out of. On top of that, the threat of a 16 or 17 STR monster bearing down on your enemy can be manipulation in and of itself.
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    I think he was nerfed a little too hard in beta. I remember global being awesome but its current rank 1 and locked WP make him a bit weaker then needed and a lot weaker/harder to use then the, imo, easy to use brute force of the other 2.

    Some stat swapping on those 2 and maybe some tweaks to their ability if needed along with some stat swaps on the leader and/or ability tweaks and his low rank form will be just as good as the others and his 2-3 rank forms should also be better.

    edit: I have been playing with him a lot since I got back into the game( took a break in beta) and while his potential power can turn or win you games its no where near as consistent as the other 2 forms just brute forcing you. I would like to see lower WP base requirement( 5 is kinda high imo) along with some nerf to the other 2 or a tweaking of the ability to either start at range 3ish(3-6-global) or let it work instantly in that you trade his turn for the other guys turn instantly instead of giving the other guy a free pass. I could see his ability say costing 2 WP and being instant with the current range lvls and stat line up.
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    Well, I'll give him a chance, I can always buy another warrior and level him up if I don't like him :F

    Thanks guys, cheers^^
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    Warleader is the trickiest of them all, but also the most versatile. Right now he's difficult to play, but as ranks 2 and 3 get introduced he will me much more powerful (i.e. he will use his ability at a distance!). He shares one thing with the strongarm - he can be spected to fit another role. He has 4 armour break and 3 exertion so he can be either played to outrange all other warrior classes OR he can be speced for medium-high (12) armour, so-so health and massive armour break (up to 7!).

    I see that you have an strongarm and some archers, how about you try (at rank 1) to spec him for armour break, get some raiders nearby to boost his armour to help with survival and try to get 6 armour break per turn with him for at least 2-3 rounds... your archers will be very happy. To balance things you could try to spec your strongarm for high damage and armour (14/14 for example) and treat him as the big damage clean-up guy. I used to play like that and it worked nice, definitely interesting but of course it's just one of many approaches

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    I use the Warmaster as a kind of heavy cavallery. Low armour, max damage, medium willpower and exertion. I keep him in the rear and wait for him to counter strike the enemies movement, going in on the enemy warrior or Raider who break through.

    Warleader is fun to use, but it really depends on your setup and if you need units to attack twice. Warhawk is just a pain in the arse and will cut you down if you do not cunter him fast enough.
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