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Thread: Tirean the klutz: Puzzle section!

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    Tirean the klutz: Puzzle section!

    FIrst puzzle solved!
    Second puzzle solved!

    Third puzzle further down!

    I think these could be classed as puzzles.

    Right you have 2 moves coming up, which moves gaurentee you the win? You are blue in this picture(for his side, he doesn't send the WM after the BB on his WM turn and he also moves the archer towards the centre).

    If you need any tips/hints ask away!

    After studying this picture a bit I think after people have figured out the winning moves for the blue side, we will do a "what are the best moves for the red side" puzzle here. Many options to choose from for red
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    I would move the Thrasher two steps to the left and hit the WM for 3 ARM. That way you protect your WH and will cripple his WM and RM when your WH gets to move. But I don't see how it's a guaranteed win, so I'm probably wrong.

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    Its a combo of moves you have to do Lekkit, so you have to predict what he does with the clues I have given, then react to that

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    The SS moves right before the WH, so you can't bank on getting a Tempest off. Nonetheless,
    • I would move left two steps for 3 armor break, hoping his first WM came back to get Raggi.
    • I'd forge ahead the BB to get the SS if she blocks the obvious tempest. Supposing she did it anyways...
    • At that point, the SS would block the obvious tempest.
    • One of the RMs would do something ineffectual.
    • Run through.
    • Another armor break from an RM probably.
    • Tempest.

    If she doesn't block it, there's a Tempest incoming.

    EDIT in case this is the right answer: I've only skipped as far as 1:20 in your stream, so I haven't cheated.

    EDIT 2: Whoops, I got two items out of order, so maybe it doesn't make sense.
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    OK I think i got it. I am assuming the 2 moves are after your thrasher.
    You move the thrasher left 2 spaces, this successfully blocks the WM from getting to your WH. Thrasher performs armor break on the WM in front of him.
    Since he doesn't go for your BB you know he comes down and crushes the thrasher.
    Move the Warleader (gray dude?) up and use his ability on your strong BB.
    He moves his SS to the middle, and lays down a trap to block your warleader incase he comes for the archer.
    Your backbiter (cuz of warleader ability) runs throught he raid master he is next to, killing him.
    Red moves his raidmaster to armor break your warhawk.
    You then tempest both warmasters and celebrate the big numbers.

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    2 people have got it correct now the basic premise was blocking your WH from getting hit by the WM with your TS, didn't matter where you placed it as long as it blocked. And then the forge ahead on the backbiter. Right.

    Right in the same picture how does the SS prevent the WH from tempesting?
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    Supposing your TS moves two squares to the left...If the opponent really wanted to stop a Tempest, they could move the WM right and hit your BB, and then RoA the square between the WH and opposing WM #2...

    Seems like a pretty good play. But it's really hard to think so far ahead on a timer. Also, if your TS didn't occupy one of those three tiles there, I don't know how to solve your puzzle...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoMuchSwag View Post
    He moves his SS to the middle, and lays down a trap to block your warleader incase he comes for the archer.
    I think he could just place the trap better to block the WH so that he cannot use Tempest on the two WMs, so I do not see that using the Thrasher for blocking the WM in the first turn really buys you the victory automatically (even if it is the right move to do). But maybe I cannot plan far enough...

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    This needs to be a game mode.

    It wouldn't even need much development time if it was based on user-generated puzzles

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    +1 to Tirean's Puzzle Hall being a Strand building...might not fit with the lore though :P
    that which does not kill you often leaves you handicapped

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Orange View Post
    This needs to be a game mode.

    It wouldn't even need much development time if it was based on user-generated puzzles
    Hehe... although problematic if the player proposed solution is wrong/not ideal..

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetjer View Post
    +1 to Tirean's Puzzle Hall being a Strand building...might not fit with the lore though :P
    I'm not familiar with the full backstory of this universe, but I imagine something like "battle training" would fit in just fine.

    There are even people practicing on dummies just outside the arena on one map

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    New puzzle!

    What are the best course of moves during this game? and explain your reasoning for each!

    Some notes, enemy WM has 2 exertion, my WH has 1 exertion, BBs have 2 exertion.

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    If you use your strongarm to push the WH up, his WM can't even move into range next turn to touch him or any of your other units, and you barely have enough enough range to kill both his bottom BB and his SA on your next turn.

    he could burn 2 will power to try to block you from killing his BB with his WM, but ultimately that would just put him in harm's way and his WM would take 7 damage from the WH's basic attack and splashing 1 to the adjacent BB.

    the opponent needs to play the next move defensively and move the WM behind his units so that he can fill the gap they leave when they fall instead of giving up the first strike and try to swing him around, which will leave him vulnerable.

    assuming you do kill the BB+SA, his WM will move again before your WH, and bring the WM up to do amazing damage against your WH. i don't know whether his turn sequence is going to be BB then SM or SM then BB, though because if it's BB then SM, he'd be able to 2ARM/5STR damage to the WH from the BB and not leave them vulnerable to splash damage from the archers.

    i'd assume you'd armour break on the BB next, either way, since you couldn't move your archers far enough towards the SM or the WM without getting them 1-shot.
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    Well, I think the Strongarm should move behind the Warhawk and push him forward, giving the Warhawk the ability to move to the spot to hit the 7/9 Backbiter and 7/3 Siege Archer with a Tempest (I think the movement will require spending a point of will, though). Impact will deal one damage to the last Backbiter. Not ideal, considering the strongest Backbiter lives, but I think it works. Depending on where the Warmaster moves, the Warhawk might be able to kill the 7/9 Backbiter and also deal six points of damage to the Warmaster with Tempest instead, plus a point of Impact damage.

    I'll try to figure out the rest later.

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    I was writing an answer a bit before the forum went down, and it turns out is was pretty much the same as vrolok's on every point.
    1-upped ^^;

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    Pretty much all spot on ^_^ i'll post another one up in the next couple of days which will be a little harder than the previous 2.

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    Same as before, say your move and why you do it!

    Warhawk with the fire around him is the first warhawk to go.

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    I would use the Strongarm to punt my warhawk over the thrashers that surround him. I would do this because they have no willpower and will use up a hornblow every time they want to do something usefull. His Warhawk who is between a rock and a hard place already can do whatever he likes, you would still get first strike on his health warhawk and that would pretty much leave him with no one left on the field to do damag to you anymore.

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    Well, if Frejya shoots an RoA, then I wouldn't punt the red warhawk over, just in case. But, otherwise, the opponent's warhawk over there could use a hard hit.

    I'm assuming that you're asking us to solve the puzzle from your perspective. If not: shoot an arrow! Oh, I just noticed that the animation shows her attacking, so never mind...

    If this is the move, I think your first puzzle is still the hardest. Which is not to say that I would necessarily notice this move if I were playing...

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