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As i said, if u actually had read my first post u would have noticed... the resent should be a 1 time thing, and should not be implemented right now, but once "unit Caps" be added(or any alternatives to the 4x issue being OP)

Sure with the addition of new units in the future some other balance issues might arrise, but at least by that time, the chances of exploits and 100 win streaks would not be as plausible as they are now. Not to mention taht the biggest part of the community would already have a decent amount of skills and knoloadge of in-game mechanics + If units caps are indeed implemented there should not be any future issue with 4x of the same.. as such thing would not be possible in the first place.
Nothing to say we may not have to wipe ranking someday, specially if we change enough ways that we're calculating them. Then we'll just call that "season" done and start a new "Season". Probably record the victors of that season like we do with the Tournaments. Right now *we are not focused on any wipes...but who knows? If it makes for a more fair situation we will, of course, move in that direction.