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Thread: hey Stoic, I have just spend 7 minutes looking for a match

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    hey Stoic, I have just spend 7 minutes looking for a match

    The new patch really penalizes the high elo players in terms of how many games we get to play.

    And since renown is super usefull now, I am forced to forfeit a few games untill I get back to ~1200 elo so I can play the game again.

    This even applies to unranked games of unit power below 6.

    Saw the same yesterday on Tireans stream when he was cuddling with his dog, or playing a browser game in the meantime just to kill the wait of 10! minutes he was having.

    Maybe before you penalized new/bad players to be farmed, but now you penalize good players for willing to play.

    For all I care give me an ELO reset button or something, would gladly use it now as I simply cant play the game.

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    I second this, my elo's not as high as rzeznicc's or Tirean's but it's still troublesome to find a game now.

    And while I have not tried yet, I assume if I try to field a rank 2-3 team to level up some chumps, I'll get pitted against full 6+ rank teams because of the focus on elo, and systematically get my rear end kicked.

    On a more general level, I'm concerned that high elo players will only get to play with a small number of other high elo players. Since not many of them are connected at the same time, this leads to rematches and possibly playing noone but eachother for whole sessions. (just moments ago rzeznicc and I were pitted against each other for two matches in a row)

    I do like that elo is taken more into account for matchmaking now, but it seems team rank has completely gone out the window, and that the search bracket for elo is way too restrictive (for high numbers anyway).
    My suggestion is :
    1. Put the weight of team composition back up a notch
    2. Increase the elo bracket progression to something closer to and exponential rather than something strictly linear (which is clearly what leads the top guys to have 5~10 minutes wait to get a match).

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    Power level still has an affect on who you can be placed against, if you are above 1400 elo and fielding a 7+ power time DO NOT EXPECT TO GET A MATCH QUICKLY.

    Right now I like the wait.. it feels right for myself personally as I now will get an even match as possible.

    Yesterday I had to wait about 5 minutes per queue and ended up against a power 7 team, did I complain? nope, I got ready for a tough fight since i knew this would be close to me in ELO with a tiny advantage.

    Soon as the other people catch up in ELO/you begin to use the most popular power rank team then your queue times will go down.

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    Sorry but if you progress way too fast/faster than your average player it really falls on you for not being to find any evenly matched opponents.

    Also the matchmaking in general has been messed up as of last patch, people with 2 rank 1's getting matched with people who have 6 etc.

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    Yes, the matchmaking will be looked into, Stoic is just at a gameshow this weekend and will take some time to get to it, I expect 2-3 days.

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