So the new Humble Indie Bundle just came out, containing Amnesia, Bastion, Limbo, Psychonauts and Sword & Sworcery. And well, if there are *any* of those fine games you don't already own, you should buy it immediatedly!

One very neat thing is it comes with all the soundtracks, and I was thinking - would anyone be interested in doing some kind of listening club-type discussion? It seems like that's 5 soundtracks that are all great in very different ways and since all the composer discussion in this thread I've been really curious about people's in-depth opinions on the subject around here. How the soundtrack feeds into the game, which tracks work best in and out of context, really resonate emotionally, all that good stuff.

Anyway, I know I'm downloading the .flacs and loading up the games for a replay at the moment, so thought I'd throw the idea out there .