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Thread: New unit ideas...

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    New unit ideas...

    Hi guys,

    This is just for fun really - I'm not complaining about anything! lol

    What are some of your ideas for potential new units in the future?

    The most obvious in my eyes is some sort of healer unit. Make healing or 'treating wounds' their main ability (so costs willpower) - Probably best if they are fairly squishy tho! (cliché, I know)

    Another idea would be a kind of 'strike first' unit. I think it was Wesnoth which gave spear users a first strike. It would basically mean anyone who attacks that character would take 1HP damage themselves before executing their attack...

    I have loads more

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    I'm so happy you made this thread! We had a similar thread during the beta and I absolutely loved it! If you want to check it out, look HERE. Also, we don't know much about the unit's that will be releaesd later, but we know some. All that info can be found HERE

    So with no further adieu, here's my contribution [DISCLAIMER: CRAZY VIKING SLIMSY BUTTON HAS BEEN PRESSED]:

    Runa's husband was months due from returning from the summer raids. Runa knew he was gone, and the stars that night told her so; as they did each and every night. A rustling outdoors... men's voices could be heard... ughhh, clansmen from across the river have come to steal the cattle again. We have barely recovered from the last cattle raid! Runa's face flushed red... enough! She jumped out of bed, quickly dressed in her husband's armor, readied shield and spear, and ran outside.
    "If you intend to deprive us of our livlihood once more, you will face resistance this time!".
    Four men emerged from the dark, wicked scowls accross their faces. However, when the next day's light arose, only one remained... a true shieldmaiden!

    And queue the shieldmaiden! Similar to her Raider Counterparts she benefits from strategic positioning and can bolster defenses. She is so eager to defend her companions, that she often exposes herself, resulting in the Shieldmaiden passive to cause any adjascent unit to divert 1 STR or ARM damage from them to her (per hit). Once promoted, her active abilities are not tied into her remaining STR, causing her effectiveness to not conflict with her passive ability.

    While training, she masters a host of different weapons, allowing her to be promoted to a Swordmaiden, a Spearmaiden, or an Axemaiden.

    Just a fun thought. All the crazy viking lore is fun for me... well that and I'm crazy. I'm interested what others have in their heads for future unit ideas!
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    I'm loving your enthusiasm! Shieldmaiden sounds really cool...

    (I'll have a look at those other threads when I get a sec)

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    I'd like to see a melee unit with an ability to make diagonal attacks.

    I've also thought about a healer unit, but I think it would imbalance the game because health and strength are the same factor. So a healer not only heals, but significantly boosts offense. too op imho. However, perhaps a unit with the ability to slowly heal some of its own wounds over time by resting? So, when resting for one turn it immediately heals 1 health, then on the next turn can act as normal and also heals 1 more health? this healing ability can't stack. so turtling and resting for multiple turns in a row would not provide extra benefit. not too op, but still worthwhile?

    i'd like to see a short ranged attacking skirmisher. maybe an axe thrower type of unit. more powerful attacks than archers, but has to use willpower to make ranged attacks and with a short range, perhaps just 2 or 3 squares.

    I'd like to see an ability that cancels other units' ability activations. by expending willpower, this unit makes a special low damage melee attack that also prevents that attacked unit from using its ability next turn.

    i havent read any of the linked threads about upcoming units....maybe i just duplicated some of Stoic's ideas. anyway, i'll check it out now.

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    I very much enjoy tweaking and building units. Here is my concept:

    Avindr stood a top the hill looking down to his foes. The old giant had run into a small raiding party while out on his afternoon meditation in the hills. The day was beautiful with the sun shining down the valley. The enemy raider turned and looked at Avindr.

    "Look it's one lone varl." "Yes and he is old at that." "Look he needs a cane to walk with."

    Just as the raiders started laughing and turned to approach Avindr his gripped tightened on his staff. He began to chant, the wind picked up. All of a sudden the sky darkened above the hapless raiding party.

    "What is this?", one of the raiders snapped. "I do not know, but it is time to end th.."

    Those were the last words he spoke. Those were the last words they all spoke.

    Unit name: Varl shaman

    Art: He would be an older varl. He would have an ornate staff that is quite large. His base color scheme would be a wooden color staff, grey robes, with a white undershirts. The staff would have a little bit of ornate to it that would have some color. Perhaps the staff would have some feathers and/or small trinkets on it.

    He is a ranged support varl. He would have weak strength and medium armor. His willpower and exertion would be high. Part of the reason I made him a varl is because of his passive and that he is a strong unit. So spamming them is not good. Even 2x of him maybe be a little over the top, but I am anticipating a nerf to class restrictions. Either way I like him

    Base passive: Wind shield. All ranged damage to the varl and all adjacent units is reduced by 1.

    Pretty self explanatory. He would have a range of 3 or 4 with a min range of 1. So a short range support champ. He would use lightning as his weapon. Now for the advanced classes:

    Elder Shaman (basically the "master" class).
    The elder shaman is adept at using the wind as his shield. arrows and projectiles harmlessly fly aside of him and his ally's.
    ability- Wind adept (passive)
    rank 1: block 3 range dmg
    rank 2: block 4 range dmg
    rank 3: block 5 range dmg

    Tempest Shaman
    The tempest shaman uses the power of the wind as an offensive weapon. Hindering foes advance or stopping them completely.
    ability- Tornado
    rank 1: -2 enemy movement (targeted rng 4)
    rank 2: -3 enemy movement
    rank 3: -5 enemy movement

    Storm Shaman
    The storm shaman uses the fury of storms to damage a wide array of foes.
    ability- Storm cloud. An x size spot at a rng of 4 that the storm shaman puts down on the board (ala siege archer). On his turn x amount of lightning bolts will strike randomly doing his str amount of dmg. A powerful ability, but the randomness helps to mitigate that. He will also have the lowest str out of all the shamans.
    rank 1: 2x2 area 1x lightning bolt
    rank 2: 3x3 area 2x lightning bolts
    rank 3: 3x3 area 3x lightning bolts

    Odin's Adept
    The Odin's adept uses all the fury of the allfather against his foes. He is able to hurl lightning bolts that damage and weaken foes.
    ability- Odin's fury. +str single target bolt (at rng 4) that temp reduces the enemies dmg for 1 round. (not a str decrease, just a dmg one).
    rank 1: +1 str and -2 to enemy dmg
    rank 2: +2 str and -3 to enemy dmg
    rank 3: +3 str and -4 to enemy dmg

    So there you go. Not perfect, but a cool concept. CC welcome.

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    I just want a unit that have the ability to "Ensnare" can be cast at a certain range. Cast distance increases when you promote the unit to higher ranks. Affected units has movement penalty -1 perhaps or it would require WP for them to move(the affected unit will have yellow tiles around them in a cross pattern) At higher ranks the unit can ensnare an enemy without getting within the enemies reach...

    I have another one for the Spearman.. Assuming that spearmen can attack diagonal targets, this ability is inspired by HoMM V dungeon unit Dark Rider, but its a "stance"(similar to stone wall) if a friendly unit adjacent(not diagonal) to the spearman in stance attacks an enemy units the spearman would also deal damage to the unit(not sure if damage is through strength, fixed damage or armor damage) higher ranks will recieve bonus damage... The enemy unit must be within spearmans range...

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    Archer idea - Kneecapper (or similar):

    Her special attack deals normal strength damage (100% hit chance) and can be a puncture shot. Reduces the base mobility (blue tiles) of the hit unit on his/her next turn by 2 tiles (1 extra tile for higher ranks).

    The hit unit can of course spend WP to move to make up for it. Also, it only affects base movement, so shooting for -4 at an archer (3 base movement) would be pointless.

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    Great ideas guys.. I particularly like the sound of 'kneecapper'

    Quote Originally Posted by Slimsy Platypus View Post
    we don't know much about the unit's that will be releaesd later, but we know some. All that info can be found HERE
    I'm really excited about some of those new units!

    Spearman, mender, sharpshooter, champion, berserker, grudgewielder?

    They all sound so good! lol (can't wait to see them)

    [edit: oh and centaurs?! What kind of movement range will they have... :/ ]
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    some leak info from the chat
    14-03, 21:06 Alex
    Champion, Eagle Eye, Grudgewielder and Wardog are all coming fairly soon though
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    Quote Originally Posted by masterblaster View Post
    I'd like to see a melee unit with an ability to make diagonal attacks.
    I think the Spearman will be able to make diagonal attacks.. (just a guess)

    Anyone have any theories about the Grudgewielder?

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    I hope the spearman has the ability to get a free poke vs anyone that makes base contact with it as its power. That could be a really strong power. Its lvl ups could be extra damage or something.

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    Can we say "stab" in stead of "poke". Poke just sounds... slutty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gramalian View Post
    I hope the spearman has the ability to get a free poke vs anyone that makes base contact with it as its power. That could be a really strong power. Its lvl ups could be extra damage or something.
    to me it would make sense for spearman to have 'reach' with the option of attacking at 2 squares distance, but perhaps for a little less damage. I can also imagine the spearman having the ability to attack through adjacent friendly human units and hit a unit from 2 squares distance. a pair of spearmen behind a pair of Raidmasters would be a great combo in this situation.

    I'd like to see something like a Warcaller. a Varl warrior that has the ability to bellow loud warcries, inspiring his team to do more damage. i dont think this should apply to every unit on the team, just those within a certain range, perhaps units within a 2 square radius. this ability would give those units +1 to damage for any attacks they make until the Warcaller's next turn, but would not give his team extra health! Rank 2 could maybe increase the range to 3 square radius, and rank 3 could extend the duration or perhaps the damage bonus to +2. this effect cant stack from more than 1 Warcaller.

    an idea for an archer is something like a Blinding Shot. An archer with the ability to make a low damage attack that temporarily decreases the targets accuracy. The unit is blinded until making its next attack, and suffers a 50% miss chance on that attack. a blind unit cannot have more than one instance of this effect active at a time. stacking blind effects on a single target would be too op. either that or the extra blind effects would just overwrite the old blind effect, so still no stacking. rank 2 of this ability could increase the miss chance to 70%, and rank 3 increase to 90%.
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    There is already loads of strong damage dealing and range mechanics along with a 4th archer type and magic ( guessing ranged) units coming. A unit that breaks the melee or range balance while interesting would just crowed the roster and imo upset a very very fragile balance between range and melee. Not saying it wouldnt make sense or be doable but I for one want to see defensive mechanics more so then kill mechanics since that is already much stronger. You see reach, I see spear wall. Spears are generally a defensive weapon used to keep attackers at a distance after all.

    My idea might be crap, but it be something interesting to play around. I mean you couldnt engage it with out getting tagged or run past it with out getting tagged. It would allow for some area control in the melee side instead of it all being archer based. Just an idea though.

    As a different one, it could be an ability that tagged the first unit to move with in 1/2/3 spaces for damage and its base ability would be the pierce ability archers have. Now that would be interesting too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loveboof View Post
    I think the Spearman will be able to make diagonal attacks.. (just a guess)

    Anyone have any theories about the Grudgewielder?
    The Grudgewielder huh? Good question loveboof... lol

    It sounds like he will be more effective against units who have already attacked him? If this is the case he will be a very difficult unit to use! (but probably fun and possibly game-changing in the end game)

    The hunter has piqued my interest too. Will he be a ranged unit who can also attack 1 tile away with his axe? Could be an extremely versatile unit!

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    Hunter? Where was that mentioned? I haven't seen that in any of the concept art or interviews...

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    Rook's base class, basically.

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    There's a unit called the Grudgewielder incoming? Should be called the Grudgebearer. I bet it gets Willpower or Strength or something whenever a friendly unit dies. That would be cool.

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    Lightbulb Idea for Horn-Meter Willpower Usage and New Unit?

    Hey Guys,
    So I started playing this game only a couple days ago but I had an idea on how to use the horn-meter willpower that I thought would be cool to share. As I was playing the game, and thinking about what other possible units could be made, I thought, "why not make a unit that utilizes/is only very effective by using directly the horn-meter willpower (gained from killing enemy units, and not only in more armor dg, movement, or str dg) ?" Now having said that, I am not sure as to whether or not that new unit (be it a mage or something) could only attack (or use a heal spell for example) using this horn's willpower meter, but just thought it would be a fun unit and twist to an already awesome game and mechanic; and by only attack using the horn meter willpower I mean use their abilities only by having horn-meter willpower available--but yeah as I said just a rough idea that I think could be made better by other members from the community. Let me know what you think, but obviously if we could bump this idea it would be cool if the developers saw it.

    For example:

    If I had this "Mage", he could have a heal ability that cost two horn-meter willpower. So for me to ever use this ability, I would have had to have killed two enemy units; otherwise I could not.


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