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Thread: Make Friends One and All!

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    Mar 2013
    I'm trying to learn but count me in

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    Jun 2015
    oh thank you

    One of the best ways to make new friends is to meet people with whom ... People don't like to be around others who are negative all the time
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    Aug 2018
    Hey all.
    Found TBS via a YouTuber and instantly fell in love with the artwork of this world. I am just sad that I didn't find this way back when it was under development, but I guess I can't be everywhere at once, oh well
    Also, being very fond of chess and other strategic games (board or digital) Factions seems to be great for me and so I found my way in here. So if anyone is still looking for new friends to add on Steam for a match or more, feel free to add me.
    Steam: MazterL
    Looking forward to seeing people in Strand

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    @MazterL The forums are quiet and if you want to catch someone to play Factions with, join the official Discord:

    We have a Factions channel dedicated to the game!

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