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    Well, you currently see WP, health, armor and move range which will reveal their exertion unless they can't move their full range, so the only really hidden stat is break, and that can often be derived. That being said it's not exactly ideal when you have a turn timer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    Tourney: Tournament times now from Wednesday 1200 CDT (1700 GMT) to Sunday 1800 CDT (2300 GMT)
    Is there any good reason (or at least any reason at all)* not to allow a time frame of 24 hours for every 5 games? I would really love to see the tourney going from Tuesday 1800 CDT to Sunday 1800 CDT. I think it is a very strong assumption that 6 hours for the last 5 matches provide a fair chance for every player all over the world. Another good alternative in my view would be to limit the number of games to 20 in case you want to keep the time window as it is now, so that the last 6 hours are just to catch up and do not allow 5 new games.

    * The only one that came into my mind is that you are very patriotic and wanna give the crowd around your time zones some extra advantage over the rest of the world...

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