I'm a huge boardgame enthusiast (read: hopeless addict). There was another old thread about tabletop games in this forum, but it seemed focused mostly on RPG's. I was hoping to start a thread that focuses specifically on boardgames and card games that remind you of The Banner Saga either in theme or mechanics. What is it about TBS:F that you love and how does one of your favorite boardgames capture that same feeling?

Mechanically, I love the chess-like abstract strategy element of TBS:F but I feel like the elements of randomness thrown in here and there are its masterstrokes. The strength vs armor mechanic particularly adds a level of verisimilitude that's hard to find in tactical boardgames without slowing gameplay down with tons of combat resolution tables. Richard Borg games like Memoir '44 and Battles of Westeros come close to capturing this same feeling. Like TBS:F, these games start each player with asymmetrical but relatively balanced forces on various maps. Every game piece has varying abilities and the pieces available to move each turn are limited, though instead of a set turn order like TBS:F, which troops can move each turn is determined using cards and dice.

Another boardgame I love is Yggdrasil, from Z-Man Games. This is a cooperative game in which players play as various Norse gods fighting off the Ragnarok to save Asgard and the world tree. Far from a tactical skirmish game and besides the viking theme, it shares one thing in common with TBS:F: both are extremely unforgiving at higher levels. Heck, even at beginner difficulties, you're probably going to lose your first couple games, and you can scale the difficulty way up from there. But even in death and defeat, both games are gloriously fun.

So to the Banners community: what sort of games hit your table that have that Banner Saga feel?

And if any devs are inclined: were there any boardgames you drew inspiration from in the design of TBS:F?