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Thread: About tournament rewards

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    I will still play tourney , even with ranked match changes in place.

    Also, it seems like very mild exploits...considering the winners haven't exploited it? Yes there is a fair degree of luck/chance involved, but no matter what the format is, people would be strategizing as they do now. In any case, I do not think the system has been abused, and the very fact that tourney was the fairest area of the game during the time regular matchmaker was being gamed, should stand testament to the fact that despite not being perfect, the tourney is robust even it its simplified form.

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    As for the rewards. What if they were based on the number of players that enter. So, the top 16 would get a percentage of the combined entry fee. Say, first place gets 20%, second 15% and so on. 16th place can get 1% or something. If 100 people enter, that's still 20 renown. I just think this would make them more exciting and literally rewarding.

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