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Thread: New Tournament modes

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    New Tournament modes

    Hello there!

    for the beginning I have to say that I have enjoyed the game massively so far.
    It's been a while that there has been a good release of a turn based strategy game,
    and now we have one. I believe the singleplayer game will be very good.

    What I'm misssing though, is somekind of way to host your own tournaments.

    There would be many possible solutions how to achieve this, for example through friend play.
    All the participants just inform the results to a forum, and there is no need to code any new game modes to Factions.

    Problem here is that how to pay an "entrace fee", and how to reward the winners.

    I think some kind of way to give renown to other players would be nice. I understand that there will be problems with abusive usage if this kind of feature is added. With a community like this, I think we can come up a way to make these kind of tournament plays possible!

    What if you had to pay renown for this kind of transfer? Like a fixed % of the transferred amount? Would this stop the abusive usage of the feature?

    Also I think the people at Stoic have done a great job so far. Keep it up you guys!
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    That's something I also suggested way back during the tournament discussions during the beta .

    Stoic will be busy finishing up the loose ends on Factions (ranks, units, report, etc.) and then shifting gears to focus on the single player, so this probably won't be coming in the near future.

    However, nothing is stopping people from organizing their own tournaments outside the game, via the forums or other direct correspondence. Also, besides this, if the point is just to host tournaments for fun, I think the renown could be a secondary concern, at least definitely for the mean time.

    In other competitive games, fan led/non professional/non-e sport/non-sponsored organized tournaments rarely have rewards.

    That's not to say Stoic won't ever consider this, just that it'll be something for down the line.

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