Clearly people are taking me for a dumb person, insulting and patronizing me for giving a casual gamer's point of view. Sure, you can make this game the way you want, hardcore only, and have trouble finding new matches 1 year from now or keep fighting the same person over and over cuz the matchmaking will search 100 players only. Or, your can take the opposite approach, where you are not only engaging hardcore players, but also casual players. It's not the hardcore players will lose in this situation. It's a win-win situation.

You can have a permanent rank. That's ok. You can also intruduce a weekly rank, which is reset every monday. This way, casual players will have a reason to keep playing to try to get into the ranks. This way, harcore players can show they are really hardcore by making the ranks many weeks in a row. You see you won't lose? Why am I stupid for suggesting something like this? The current ranking system does not engage players. Maybe the 1% that are there already, but not the remaining 99%. And if you want this game to suceed, don't be naive and selfish. The more engaged players, the more they will play, the more purchases it will trigger, the more money Stoic will have to keep them happly updating the game.

Introducing weekly ranks, in order to engage players (harcore and newbies) has no negative trade-off attached to it.

So please, stop telling me im dumb and stupid for trying to help the game developers. Sure you are a backer as well, and you must be playing this game 20 hours per day, but you gotta think beyond yourself and what you want, you have to think what is good for the developers, which will be good for you as well as time goes by.

For the two ppl that patronized me, babysit me, you can go fuck yourselves