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    This explanation to Seiege archers ability is much more consistant and easy to understand than the one in the game. The one in there actually still sounds like it's supposed to add the extra strength and break to the explosion. It might just be me reading into things, but i still feel it could have been better explained ingame. The short explanation in this patch note gives a clear idea what the ability actually does. If nothing else it just needs to mention that the explosion do 1 strength damage no matter what.

    On that note i also feel that Warmaster and Warhawk does not have the same amount of display that bowmaster has, in that they have a 100% hit rate on their ability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    Ranked: Find a perfect power match at the closest possible Elo. Ranking is affected.
    Thank you for this! I was so frustrated with constantly being dumped into games with players 3-4 ranks above me, that I was ready to throw in the towel and delete this game forever.

    Now with this new system, I'm matched perfectly every time! I win some, I lose some. But now, I lose to a bad move on my part and not by just being out ranked and over powered.

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    A small bug report:

    When a siege archer has used Slag & Burn to lay down coals on the map, and a shieldbanger walks across the coals and ends up adjacent to the siege archer who shot them, the engine seems to read that the siege archer has "damaged the shieldbanger from an adjacent tile" and the archer loses a point of armor to Return The Favor. This doesn't seem like an intended behavior.

    I've seen this happen at least three times in the current build, although, if it helps, I've only specifically noticed it happening when the shieldbanger is a shieldmaster. At first I thought it was some obscure, shieldmaster vs. siege archer rule, but I now conclude that it's probably just a misfire of Return The Favor.

    I haven't tried it, but I wonder if the same thing might not happen if a shieldbanger walked into a Rain of Arrows at the same time as he walked up adjacent to the skystriker who fired it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruther View Post
    A small bug report:
    Bug reports should go to the "help and support" forum.
    The SA vs Shieldbanger bug is not specific to the newest build. The devs are aware of it. I too hope for a quick fix as this is a pretty annoying one.

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