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Thread: my top 5 UI suggestions

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    my top 5 UI suggestions

    Sorry, don't know where else to post this. Feedback is for website, and beta feedback is closed.


    when i click on an enemy unit, i can only see their movement range. it would be nice if i clicked on a range enemy i could see both their movement and their range (maybe half colour each block leaving movement the same, but colour half the block red for attack range?)


    when i click an enemy their icon lights up. that's cool and it gives me a quick glance of where they are in the queue, but let's say i click on the queue icon of the next enemy, it will highlight the enemy in the battlefield, but sometimes there are two of the same types and i can't tell who is who. it would be good if they were highlighted somehow.


    for the longest time i thought i had to move from my place in order to use my special attack because whenever i selected an enemy unit to attack, the special attack icon would be greyed out, so i assumed i could not use it. it was counter intuitive for me to finally figure out that i had to click my own guy for it to be usable.


    sometimes i'll place my guys out at the beginning of the match and then hit start too quickly and want to make a change. as long as the enemy hasn't clicked start, i think you should be able to undo OR keep moving units until the enemy clicks start.


    someone went afk the other day and I hadn't changed it to the quick 30 second timer and it was the longest game i've ever had. there should be an option where if the enemy hasn't even clicked a mouse button or keyboard key for 10 moves you should be able to select a box that pops up and asks "are you there? yes/no" and if not they should auto surrender.

    These small changes would definitely help make the game more fun for me! Great game! Will buy the SP.

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    4 + 5 are things I'd really like to see. 3 I have never needed, but it wouldn't bother me so why not. Not sure what you are talking about with 2, I think that's already the current behavior (you will see movement range etc from only the person you clicked on).

    1 is a complicated issue. I have always really, really wanted range displayed. I started multiple threads on this back in Beta. The counterargument is that it would get really complicated to display, since you would need to show standing range (for puncture), move + shoot range, move + willpower move + shoot range, plus variations for abilities like Bird of Prey that modify range.

    I'm of the opinion that it's a solvable problem but it doesn't look like Stoic is interested... which is, you know, understandable. I can why their priorities might be elsewhere. But I am really sick of counting tiles, and I think this issue is only going to get worse and worse as more abilities with a variety of ranges are added (what if we get units with a throwing weapon that gets range 3? what if menders get a range 10 ability or something? Surely you can see how keeping this all in your head is going to get crazy.)

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    Agreed with number 1 for sure. I feel like I spend half my time mentally calculating the range of archers by counting spaces and factoring in their movement range.

    Expanding on this thought slightly, wouldn't it be great if you could access the same interface for your opponent's units as you can for your own? So if you click on an enemy archer, you can not only see their range as normal, but you also get a movement arrow which shows potential damage once units are in range. This could be helpful for melee units too, to save having to calculate damage numbers in your head (just move the arrow next to one of your units).

    To avoid confusing new players, the feature could be optional or made more transparent / different colour.

    edit: this should help speed up matches too. Less required thinking time!
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    1 can get complicated when you add in willpower and movement, but i'd be okay with just plain default attack range. although now that i've thought about it some more, different colored borders for each of those groups of things you mentioned (not coloured in blocks) could show the ranges.

    I agree things do get complicated and it's not a simple problem to solve. it might involve toggling through different ranges with TAB, so every time you press tab it cycles through a different view (move + shoot, move + willpower + shoot) etc...

    as for number TWO, you will see movement range from only the person you clicked on, but when there are two of the same character type, side by side, even with the movement squares it's quite hard to tell which unit is selected. if their box had an outline around it would clear things up.

    as you tab maybe it labels it somewhere in the top right.

    number THREE i no longer need, but for when new players join, it's not intuitive and it doesn't hurt to implement it. they should definitely put it in there before the single player comes out and an influx of new players join.

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    I agree with all of those, especially #2, which I haven't seen brought up before. I think even experienced players can have this problem of not being able to tell which unit is selected. They already have a spinny ring thing underneath the active unit; it shouldn't be much work to give the selected unit's tile a highlight as well.

    #1 was a no-go last I checked (because no one could provide the devs with a way to do it that was clearly worthwhile). I've gotten used to counting squares -- four between the archer and target, or six+ for the bird of prey.

    #5 is planned.

    I like simon's suggestion (which is sort of an extension of both #1 and #2), especially with the caveat of different tile colors to make it clear what you're looking at.

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    To speed up gameplay, sometimes I know I'll be using all my will power with a regular attack. it'd be nice if i shift clicked the enemy it would auto fill the stars.

    another extended option to this is if i shift click an enemy from far away it will auto move within range and then fillout the stars and attack.

    there still would be the confirmation dialog before it is carried out however.

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