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Thread: Build 1.7 (?) on the way -

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    Talking Build 1.7 (?) on the way -

    Just a thread to centralize all that has been revealed regarding the upcoming build. Since it was buried in other topics I thought it could use more visibility (as I feel this is really awesome news )

    Regarding matchmaking, tournaments, and a stat reset :
    Quote Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
    -Quick Match: Will find you the closest match we can get you in Power Level then Elo. Good for testing out new builds and building Renown.

    -Ranked Match: Will be for Power 6 or Power 12 only (like the original post above). Nothing in between. We want power 6 for young players to be able to get ranked and then work on their roster before hitting with the big boys at Power 12.

    -Tournaments: Will only be Power 12 after the build. Power 12 is the Banner Saga: Factions official game and we have no plans to make it go higher. We like Power 12 because it gives a reason to use all ranks, 1, 2 and 3. Also, like the way we designed our stats, we like how you will need to pick and chose how you assemble your team. Try all rank 2's or mix it up!

    Before long we will wipe some of the Global Hall of Valor rankings and start them fresh now that we have a final system. We will save the old rankings as "Season 1". Lots of fun stuff on the way in the next build.
    Anyway,[...] we really hope you like the newly implemented system.
    All this is great news to me !
    Considering the extent of the changes above I would think that this next build will be 1.7 and not 1.6.something.

    Regarding unit stats listing info UI :
    Quote Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
    Unit Info: Yes, we've agree'd with this feedback for some time, but hadn't gotten a chance to implement it...UNTIL NOW! Next build will have all the info on every stat of every unit at the click of a button. HUZZAH!
    I find the wording interesting. Maybe we will get one toggle that will put the full stats of each unit over each of their portraits ? That's something I could get behind.

    Below are my hopes for this build (although just the above is great by itself)
    1. ranks 2 and 3 for the remaining units ! That would make the next tournament awesomely awesome.
    2. A fix for that annoying SA vs Shieldbanger bug
    3. One of the "fourth" advanced classes introduced ! (yeah, I am being greedy here, but I did say "hopes")
    4. Barracks self-organize by unit class (seems easy enough)
    (76. I suspect many will disagree with me on this, but I'd like to see a second nerf on the SA. Maybe nerfing the break on target to fixed 1 instead of break stat. At the moment 2-3 SA builds are way too common for my taste, and I have yet to find (or even hear of) a counter-build that is truly effective. But this is a topic for another thread I think.)

    Anyway thanks to the team for the awesome work, I for one am thrilled by these changes !
    It doesn't look like my Factions addiction is going to get better any time soon at this rate...
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    Tournament Power 12 will come steadily rather than instantly - they plan it to gradually raise each tournament req 1 at a time (so power 12 would be available somewhere in 2 months time).

    Also more is buried in the chatbox backlog if you are interested - but too scattered and vague to compile into a thread
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    Yeah, it seems I really need to hang our in the chat box more. Thankfully there's a full back log feature

    some cool snippets from the last few days :
    28-03, 10:01 Arnie We're getting the next rank upgrades in very days.
    28-03, 10:41 Arnie Okay all. Heading off to sleep. Lots of up coming goodies for the Factions soon.
    27-03, 09:54 Arnie Yes, RtF has been discussed as odd on SnB. We don't like it the way it is, but we need some time to fix's apparently not a small fix.
    27-03, 00:07 Arnie raven...we may not be able to get all 3-4 advanced in by Saga. We'll be focusing on ONLY the units we NEED for the Saga. We will launch their other advanced classes as we can.
    And then there's this :
    27-03, 04:08 Arnie My hair flows down my muscular back and wraps around my waist twice accentuating my brawny frame of a man.
    27-03, 04:09 Arnie I stand, without shirt, in the drifting snow.
    27-03, 04:09 Arnie Romance cover style.
    Yeah, I definitely need to hang out in chat box more !

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    actually I believe they are just going to jump straight to power 12.

    We also getting 2 new match making for ranked, power 6 only and power 12 only

    Future is looking fun!

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