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Thread: Let's talk Strategy: Bold Brendan's week 6 Tournament Build

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    Let's talk Strategy: Bold Brendan's Week 6 Tournament Build

    I've had some moderate success with a build I began using recently, and for the sake of transparency wanted to share the details of how it works! (Stoic, it would be great to get the ability to view other's builds in the future!) Also as a disclaimer, keep in mind that I'm not the best player out there, possibly not even a good one. I have however stumbled upon successes here and there and love nothing more than to talk Banner Saga shop! So with no further adieu:

    Meet the Gang

    My Build in DaveMo's Calculator

    2 x Raidmaster 10/11/4/1/3
    1 x Siege Archer 8/7/6/3/2
    1 x Shieldmaster 13/12/2/1/4
    1 x Bowmaster 7/8/6/3/2
    1 x Warmaster 8/17/3/2/1

    How to Play It
    This build definitely falls in the conventional "balanced" build category. It excels at being able to adapt to what my opponent brings to the table and utilize the best overall strategy that presents itself during each match. The general basics are to form a wall with the Raidmasters. Then the archers will follow up with some early game harassment. Then the Varl get to come in and get a couple value hits in. Where the build really shines is in it's flexibility in how to deliver the final blows to your opponent. You can clean house with intact Raidmasters via Stone Wall, set up the win with the Siege Archer and Bowmaster's Pucture, or maim everything and let the Varl clean everything up. With that said, let me delve a little further into each of those options.

    The combination of Raidmasters and the Shieldmaster make an excellent detterant for you opponent to approach your archers. If you opponent has a Raidmaster approaching, you can put your own Raidmasters on each of its sides, allowing the Warmaster to swing in for 4 and still be safe in the back. Boxing off Thrashers with a Shieldmaster works excellently, as even if they decide to break while bring the pain is up they are going to have to use up some of their Willpower to do more than they will receive. When your opponent has a troublesome archer, you can aggressively approach and break with the Siege Archer, then remove a big chunk of their strength in safety with Bird of Prey.

    We are all familiar with the wild Varl rampage that can occur if they are left intact until the late game, and this build supports that strategy as well. When playing against melee centric teams, the Shieldmaster often remains intact, due to Bring the Pain. When everything is maimed other than everyone's Varl, the shieldmaster can approach with his 13 armor and not be fearful of a devastating hit, even from a fresh Warmaster. This strategy is most effective if your opponent has loaded up on Thrashers and other units that have poor break, as in the late game the absence of willpower will make the Shieldmaster difficult to topple over.

    This method of winning actually surprised me quite a bit, and ended up simply being a happy accident of the build. But in many cases, my Raidmasters were remaining intact into the late game due to essential blocks during the early and midgame while Stone Wall was used. I found that just as Varl can go on a rampage, some opponents struggle removing their 21 effective health, and my Raidmasters could go on a mini-rampage of their own! During one of my very close tournament matches I had two fresh Raidmasters versus six maimed units, and snuck away victorious!

    How to Beat it
    Because this build has multiple routes to victory, you need to be cautious about your approach towards it. Basically, you will want to mitigate each of the three routes to victory mentioned above. Get all my units at half strength and prevent value hits with puncture and I will struggle to recover. I'm sure you're thinking "Well duh.. how am I supposed to do that Slimsy!". Well to start, don't give my Raidmasters access to your entire team; create a wall of your own and protect your squishies! (don't just go rushing to my back line like a wildman, it's dangerous back there with my Varl!). Balanced builds are typically beaten with a better played positional midgame, and they are won with many small value shots rather than big Varl hits. That's not to say that my 17 strength Warmaster isn't a threat though! His 8 armor is his kryptonite, making him easy to maim. Blocking him with a maimed unit and taking 4 off the top with an archer is a great way to mitigate the threat until he is in range.

    What I've Learned During the Tournament
    I built this build to combat the classic Thrasher-Siege Archer-Warrior variants that are very popular right now. The ability to kill a siege archer by breaking with my own then following up with my Bowmaster, along with neutralizing Thrashers via my Shieldmaster was effective. In some cases I beat the variants easily. Other times, they were very close matches won due to mistakes made by my opponents. Unfortunately right now it doesn't seem there is much that easily stops those nasty Siege Archers in duplicate or triplicate. Perhaps a Provoker in the mix may buy you a turn cycle to deal with one? Maybe two backbiters is a possible answer? Regardless, I'll always be out there searching for success without loading my team up with the easy-to-play units! It's back to the drawing board for next week!

    Official "See You Next Time!"
    Next week we're moving on to Team Power: 12 tournaments, so it will be a very exciting time while everyone scrambles to determine what is strong at those levels. Plan on seeing lots of siege archers though, as their ability scales very well at higher ranks and they are very easy to play with! As always feel free to befriend me, fight me, or just curse my name!


    Slimsy / Brendan

    If you enjoyed reading this post, I created a similar one for the Week 1 Tournament a while back. That thread can be found here: Bold Brendan's Week 1 Tournament Build.
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    fantastic work yet again, Slim. I am bit bitter you're telling people how to beat my current build (:P), which is essentially yours with a couple of tweaks. For one, I either use an SS or another BM rather than an SA, and I play my RM's as breakers instead of first-hitters. I might switch back to having 1 of each, but I'm still experimenting for the 12 point variant.
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    A great write up, thanks for this, similar to a build I was using a little while ago. I can see this would stand up to the current TSx2,SAx2,Warx2 build well enough.
    If I get around to it I might do something like this on my current build

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeadOpener View Post
    A great write up, thanks for this, similar to a build I was using a little while ago. I can see this would stand up to the current TSx2,SAx2,Warx2 build well enough.
    If I get around to it I might do something like this on my current build
    He even mentions he only beat it due to the enemies failures this isn't a counter to it I am afraid buts its a good balanced build allround.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirean View Post
    He even mentions he only beat it due to the enemies failures this isn't a counter to it I am afraid buts its a good balanced build allround.
    He says sometimes he won with it and others relied on mistakes
    I am still finding my 3xRM build working well against the afore mentioned fotm build but I am no expert 1400 elo isn't the best testing ground for it

    Although this is all with P6 in mind of course. This will all change again now.

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