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    The Grand Final of p6 just happened between Mindflare77 and myself !

    You can find it on my stream or his (no link atm).

    It was... Anti-climatic.
    Since we already were matched up against each other on the last tourney match, I wanted to come with a different build, and I went for the quirky, borderline stupid 3 SS 2 WH build I started working on a couple of weeks ago. I had some successes in QM with it, it seemed to work well against semi-decent opponents. I also found the performance satisfying in a couple of friendlies with Aleo. I decided on the spot to use this for the finals, and never went back to it since.
    It turns out of course, that what works in QM and what works in Finals of a tournament is not the same thing ! I do believe there are ways to make this build work at higher levels (keep a better balance between RoA and breaks, play more mindgames, not play like a particularly stupid goat, etc) but I just did not do any of that, at all.
    Consequently, is was a relatively uneventful couple of matches where Mindflare's solid play beat me to a pulp - not walking into any RoA at all, and almost humiliating me 6-0 on the second match (fortunately I got one, so I went into pillage against just 5 units, which is totally not shameful at all).

    Anyway, my shortcomings aside, WE HAVE A WINNER !

    Mindflare77 is the Vigrid Champion for p6 Season 1 !

    All hail the Champion !

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    Some people just like to change their builds right before the most important matches, huh? Though for me it was mostly because i didn't have reasonable solid tactics against you with your build and Tirean.

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    Poor butters no idea why you would ever think 3 SS would work

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    Here's the stream for the finals. Honestly, I think that if there had been more break by the archers (perhaps going 2SS/1SA? Still have a lot of zone control, but more break potential...), the build could be really dangerous. All it'd take is one RoA to hit to royally screw positioning and potentially leave targets for the Warhawks to smack around. I'm tempted to try it out and see if I can make it work. Just need to gather the renown for all the goals. Hah.

    Regardless, this tournament was a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the next one (though now I have to decide if I should move up from the minor leagues, and jump straight into p12...). Thanks all for the games, even when dealing with odd time zone differences. Hurrah for battles on three hours of sleep!
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    Hi, I admit I was pretty inactive here over the last weeks (I blame the summer on that... ), but watching Vikings on TV just brought me back. And now I am a little disappointed that I still cannot see a winner on p12. Did you all agree on being just good friends who don't dare to fight each other anymore?

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    Raven and Butters have had conflicting time tables, so they couldn't arrange a match. Now Raven is in the US of A! so match is even less likely.

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    I've played with Butters before, it's not that hard to play US vs JP

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    I think it's a bit pointless planning the next tournament while this one hasn't been concluded after a couple of months! The momentum completely fizzled out...

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