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    Post Steelhammer Tribune #3. As Bold as Platypus

    Issue №3

    Hearing voices from miles away
    Saying things never said
    Seeing shadows in the light of the day
    Waging a war inside my head

    Iíve had a hard time trying to catch my next interview victim as adding to a busy schedule he is having a lot of nightlife going and is taking a sleep while Iím awake and active. Through some sacrifices I finally have time to present you not Slimsy Platypus or Bold Brendan alone, but both of them at the same time in the studio!

    netnazgul: I welcome you to this interview finally! It took a bit longer to get you than I expected, but everything is set now and we can have a little chat.
    Slimsy Platypus: Makes sense, as it's often tough to find time between cracking skulls and stealing my opponnents women and goats... what can I say... I'm a goat man.
    Bold Brendan: you'll have to excuse my alter ego, I'm happy to be here!

    netnazgul: For a start I would say that you appear as one of the american-based warriors here. So far it seems that battles do not favour americans. Is it just a coincidence, or maybe itís difficult for western hemisphere people to adopt the rules of Strand?
    Bold Brendan: I find the gaming demographic aboslultey amazing (and super entertaining) that has ermeged for Factions. Who knows why it ended up that way, I'm just happy that we can internationally recognize the brilliance before us!

    netnazgul: Then it's a question to you, Slimsy - you keep now a massive count of more than 200 wins in you bag. How good you consider yourself as a combatant?
    Slimsy Platypus: In beard epicness? I'm in the top five!

    netnazgul: Can you add something to that, Brendan?
    Bold Brendan: I'm really as good as my opponnents let me be. Ha! I don't consider myself one of the best, but I have tried to understand enough about the game that I think I exercise an advantage over the inexperienced... oh that 200 number doesn't do any justice to the >500 matches I played during the Beta!

    netnazgul: So as both your winstreak and match count go on, it looks like a very busy time for you with the recent Strand TV shows - several hours a day nonstop! You donít get tired with that, do you?
    Bold Brendan: It's funny really, prior to streaming I would find myself screaming into my monitor for my opponnents to take their turns faster. Now that I spend that time talking to myself I find myself enjoying the game even more. The game is absolutely fun, but having the community to interact with adds another layer that keeps me glued. Even a couple days aways makes me miss it!
    Slimsy Platypus: you ever get that feeling like you're being watched?

    netnazgul: You've become a battle star I'd guess, even more famous than that british guy who's hiding somewhere now!
    Slimsy Platypus: The curr! Tirean sliced my men down before me in my closest tournament bout, resulting in the only deterrent from me winning that one! Perhaps next time I'll have more warhawks...
    Bold Brendan: I like the guy too much to call him a nemesis. He's not too far in hiding, he comes out every once in a while to remind me of all my mistakes!

    netnazgul: Speaking about Tirean - he is somewhat famous for his klutzy approach to rain of arrows whether it comes up and youíre now in awe of using this technique obsessively - have you had an opportunity to catch him with it? Or is it just a matter of time for us to see you teaching Tirean an arrows evading lesson?
    Bold Brendan: There will be no chance avoiding the trap when I Malice him into it! If only I learned to stream earlier maybe I would have evidence of some. During the Beta I remember going up against Tirean and sneaking in a couple wins against him then thinking "this guy isn't all that tough"... then I lost the next 20 matches to him.
    Slimsy Platypus: The only thing more satisfying than defeating your opponent is showing him your backside then stopping their approach with an arrow to the dome!

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    netnazgul: OK, now more to battles and battle leaders in general - having such a vast experience on the battlefield can you pinpoint some of the most fierce and tough rivals of yours?
    Bold Brendan: I think the most similar in skill to me right now: probably Echlir, Butters, and Sweetjer (come back Sweetjer I miss you!). I would hate to call them rivals because I love playing against them. Butters is probably way better than me know, we'll get to test that next week in Vigrid tournament!
    Slimsy Platypus: Echlir, Butters, and Sweetjer best keep their women and children indoors, because my thirst for battle is not easily quenched!
    Bold Brendan: Is quenched a word? Sometimes I don't know what goes through that guy’s head?

    netnazgul: I can say with confidence that you've also become known by your skaldship among the people, telling great tales of the past and present. Where do you draw the inspiration for your tales? What can we expect from you in the future regarding your adventure stories?
    Bold Brendan: It's really interesting actually, the Viking genre has historically been pretty "meh" for me. I just love having fun and just have blast playing the game so it naturally seeps out. It all started right when I came into the beta and read on the forums that someone had cried out "Valhalla!" as their last unit went down. I thought to myself "that sounds absolutely fun!". So for a time I remember every match I would try to one-up myself by typing something rediculous into chat.
    One funny story.
    While on this spree, I was preparing an epic ending for my final archer in chat. She was going to go "argghhhh... ughhh... aghhhh... arghhhhhhh.... ugh" then die. My opponent strikes and I hit enter; I then realize I had miscalculated and my archer remained at 1 health!
    Slimsy Platypus: one of the side effects of having a beard is that in unconditionally Malices your opponents... the tough life we live.

    netnazgul: Yeah, beards are certainly a subject of pride and prejudice.
    So to conclude this I'd say that I'm proud to sit beside you here now. And of course good luck to you on your further battle career!

    Bold Brendan: Thanks for the opportunity. I love any chance I can get to interact with the community!


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    Nice interview. I guess you'll find out soon enough how good Butters is! He's your next opponent in the tournament.

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    Why no not so hidden stream advertisement in this one netnazgul?

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    Another excellent hard hitting SteelHammer Tribune interview. If only CNN and the BBC had the beards to ask such in depth and pointed questions!

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