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    quiz thread

    What's the best move for this WL (imagining he didn't take that swing)?

    I'm pretty sure there's a correct answer here. Go ahead and add other quiz/puzzle questions in this thread. I might add some more eventually.

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    I would probably Forge Ahead the WH and then tempest on the SM and the other WH (maybe moving the WL on the left side of the SM, so he can help out against all the other enemy units.

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    I actually think killing the SM is the correct move in this situation, for the main fact is forces the BB to not be killed due to an upcoming 3 hit tempest (I assume its at least a rank 2 WH)

    For your next move if BB is kept alive like it should be id then block the RM from being able to reach the WH, after that its about using your WH to do as much damage as possible with the WL FA support. The BB seems like it is unkillable in this situation due to the removal of having to do FA.

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    @Tirean: Yes, I think that may be right! (My original answer was the same as Orath's.) The FA only moves the WH up one turn, which is a small difference when the turn advantage is already so strong; and, as you say, if the RM is blocked from hitting the WH, the latter might survive to get in two good hits. Moving the BB to block prevents that three-hit Tempest, though, right? Also, I guess the RM can't be blocked since the opponent (that's me) had a lot of points on the horn and the RM has two exertion (which you can't see above, of course). We need to have Rensei's tool to show positions, so you could see the full team makeups.

    Here's the video, ~2:24

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    The pictured Warhawk experienced a bug and couldn't move with 2 exertion even after using the horn, so he couldn't reach the hurt archer and finish her off. If he had, who wins the pillage?

    The full BM's first move must be a puncture shot on the WH, using up to 2 WP from the horn. After that I am not sure. From my estimations, the archer has a 20~30% chance of still winning, mostly due to the unfavorable turn order for the enemy...

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    Archer armor breaks for 5, your archer 4/8. SRM moves forward and swings. Archer is 4/6.
    You move away from his archer so he has to move forward, use 2 WP and knock the SRM to 5/3.
    Archer moves in range, breaks armor. Your archer is at 2/6. SRM moves in range and hits for one, your archer at 2/5
    You kill the enemy archer.
    Strongarm hits for 1, your at 2/4
    You take a 90% +1 wp shot, you hit you win, you miss you lose. 90% chance of winning

    If you hit you rest next turn then finish with BoP to avoid another % shot.

    I think that maths is correct. Do tell me if I am wrong did this quickly.
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    Tir I guess the situation isn't conveyed so clearly in the screenshot, but your analysis has the turn order all wrong.

    1st: Pillaged BM. Must stand and shoot the 12 str WH (7 damage base due to pierce) or she has no chance.
    2nd: Enemy archer
    3rd: Enemy SRM
    4th: Enemy WH

    Then the cycle repeats.

    A possible example of moves:
    My archer shoots the WH with 2 WP from horn. 9 damage due to pierce, putting the WH to 4/3

    Enemy archer is at 0 WP, and he has 2 horn charges, so only 4 armor break possible.

    So archer breaks for 4 (BM at 5/8)
    SRM hits for 1 or breaks for 1 (BM at 4/8 or 5/7)
    WH hits for 1 or breaks for 1 (hit has 90% or 80%) ---> BM at 3/8, 4/7, or 5/6.

    Depending on positioning, the BM can then move + 1 wp to break distance on the SRM (ideally killing the archer at the same time), or hold and kill the archer (worst move imo), or ???

    It becomes so muddled with the positioning options that I can't theory it out past this point. I think if the archer can get distance from the 5/6 SRM for 1 turn in order to get pierce the next round, it is a win. Otherwise they beat her down with 1 hp strikes before she can shoot them down with 1 hp shots.
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    aw I thought WH died, did my maths wrong see

    He would have 3 horns also, due ot killing your archer.
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    This is what I love so much about the game. It's so transparent. A screenshot tells you just about everything that's going on in the game :-)

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