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Thread: Vikings in space

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    Vikings in space

    I had this happen during my last tournament match, & it sounds like it has been around. It was like the scenery didn't load and this apparently was causing such severe lag that I hardly was able to scroll or click a person and then move before the timer ended. After a couple minutes it simply stopped responding and I had to crash the program. I play most games on ultra settings so it's not as if it is bad hardware.

    No big deal, but i'm throwing it up here since the guy i played said he'd seen it posted about before.

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    Most likely the memory leak that occurs when the game has been open without a restart for too long.

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    Haha, for a sec there I thought this was going to be a homage to Vikings Lost in Space

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    Japp, I am experiencing the same thing right now. XD Looks quite beautiful, gives your match a rather airy feel to it.

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    Imagine an actual map where you fight on top of a cloud or something
    Án brynju, mağur er varnarlaus. Án styrks, er hann ekkert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guğmundr View Post
    Imagine an actual map where you fight on top of a cloud or something
    Like fight in Raganrok, the final battle of the gods in heaven haha thatd be epic

    I named all my units after norse gods so that'd be suitable

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    @topic title

    Wasn't there an episode of Lost in Space about that?

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