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Thread: Bug quit option

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    Bug quit option

    So I'm sure most people have gone through the experience I just had, I got into a bugged game, one of us needed to surrender and I got bored first. This kinda annoys me, I had been on a winning streak, and it was a tournament game so it gives me a loss and I miss out on one of my games of the day.

    How possible would it be for a button that both players have to click on that ends the game with no renown being gained and the game doesn't count to anything? I know the game doesn't bug as often but it still does happen time to time.
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    Nice idea w/the button to do a mutual 'draw' more'n'less. 'Cause I'll just sit until they leave (if a tourney and I am winning), but it does suck. Especially with someone who has the same idea. ^^

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    i am all for a mutual draw button. there are also a lot of instances where we both have 1 unit and you can draw it out forever, but there would be no point to stalemate.

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    I don't think that this would be used for a draw situation because the whole match wouldn't count. (there was a long discussion on draw options during the beta stages). But I think that this could be controlled by making sure when you do activate the option you will need to fill out a bug report (will also help stoic hunt down the bug I'm sure)

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    +1, although some sportsmanship among viking should be enough:

    - You go first, Sir.
    - No, you, please.
    - But, I insist.
    - ...

    Most weird issues are typically resolved automatically (e.g. the game understands the bug and stops battle, w full renown for both players), but I understand that such awkward situations could arise in Tourney matches etc.

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